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Author Archive

Water Rates

Saturday, February 8th, 2014 by tog

To everyone who pays their water rates to Seven Trent please be aware on your new bills there will be a charge for surface water off your roofs going into the main sewers.

My advice to all those customers, DO NOT pay this charge! Why? Because (if you live in Kingsway), all the surface water off of your roof in goes into the down spout, and then into the ground via soakaways.

We have never paid this charge before but Seven Trent has come up with the lame excuse that because some off the sewers have now been adopted by the council, they can justify this charge.

I have just sent our claim form with two pictures attached showing the soak aways on our property, back to them for our rebate.


Garden Competion

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 by tog

I would like to thank Miller Homes and the Kingsway Residents Association for all the hard work they did in setting up and judging the Gardening competition.

We were quite flattered in winning the above competition and will have endless enjoyment with the prize so kindly donated by Miller Homes thank you.

Perhaps next year we will get more entries to have a go which in turn will only enhance the surroundings we all call home.

Kind Regards.
Mr K. Mumford & Mrs J. Gardiner.

Double Glazing Damaged

Friday, October 7th, 2011 by tog

Re: Broken Double glazed window frame (which did have a 10 year guarantee).

Due to the (very heavy) lorries still using Thatcham Avenue, one of our windows has developed a crack in the frame!

I have contacted Taylor Wimpey who said you need to contact "Windows Build". I telephoned and e/mailed pictures as requested, but their reply was "Sorry we cannot help as your windows were fitted by N.B.W. Windows who have stopped trading"!

They thenn told us to try N.H.B.S. I ‘phoned them with all the details, plot number, policy number etc, only to be told "it’s not covered you will have to fix them yourself"!

Can you tell me who to contact at QUVL? (I understand they have insurance to cover for things like this).

We now have more heavy lorries than ever using Thatcham Avenue and last week I ‘phoned Smiths Transport when a low-loader (so large it had to mount the islands in the middle of the road to get by), spoke to a gentleman called Ben from Smith’s Transport, who said they had been instructed to carry on using Thatcham as there was a bung in the road!

We have had to replace our front window sill – which developed a large crack in it – at our own expense.

Every time a large lorry comes down here the whole house shakes…
Please – please QUVL: You have it in your power to stop them and make them use the Naas Lane road.

(One very frustrated and fed up house owner here in Kingsway).

Balancing Ponds

Friday, October 7th, 2011 by tog

On Sunday 14th August as we were walking down by the Charles Church homes in the vicinity of Fylingdale Gardens we could hear children making quite a noise. On investigating we found – to our horror – four children, the eldest would be about six and the youngest about three or four, floating about in the middle of the balancing ponds!

The eldest boy and girl were sat astride a large white sack (these are what contractors use in case someone falls off a building), the other two were floating about on a wooden pallet, but what alarmed me was that these children were totally unsupervised!

Where are the parents to these children don’t they realise building sites are potential death traps to young children?

We did speak to the children and told them about the danger they were in, to which the replied "it’s OK, we can swim", and just carried on!
We went into the Sales Office opposite and showed the Sales Lady the pictures (taken on mobile phone), to which she replied she was appalled and she would get onto the security man and speak to The Foreman on the site today.

There are several questions that need to be answered here:
1. Why are the balancing ponds by the underpass and the one on the unopened road to Naas Lane surrounded by metal railings and all the other ponds left open? Surely this is a MASSIVE HEALTH AND SAFETY PROBLEM or does the cost come into it?
2. Why didn’t the building contractors clear there things from the ponds and lock them in there compounds away from the children?
3. Who is to blame? Probably Severn Trent will blame the contractors or maybe Gloucester council or the QUVL, (if we wait for them to investigate anything it could be to late… My advice to them is get out of your office and come and speak to the people on this Estate).

One more thing: Someone has broken 2 of those beautiful young trees planted on the green area just below the turn for Marham; they would have matured into beautiful trees. Why do we have to have so much mindless vandalism? Just look at all those reflectors on the posts (to stop people on bikes from going onto the road), all scratched and broken… Their motto must be "it’s there to be destroyed at all costs".


Lorries in Thatcham Avenue

Monday, June 6th, 2011 by tog

Every day we are plagued by large lorries using Thatcham Avenue. Are the drivers of these vehicles illiterate or Blind? Can they not see the large signs at the entrance to Kingsway stating clearly NO CONSTRUCTION TRAFFIC, or have they been advised by the owners of the vehicles to take no notice of the residents who live here, as they are powerless to stop you using the road?

I have sent photos and countless e-mails to the QUVL and they have not had the courtesy or decency to reply to me; what a waste of space they are as an organisation. Their motto should read "we have had your money, now you are on your own".

Every time these large lorries go past our property the whole house vibrates. We have already had one of our front window sills replaced at quite a cost, perhaps if I had sent the bill to QUVL they might respond to me, but then I might be waiting a couple of years for them to reply?

One very fed up home owner on this estate.


Cat Accident

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 by tog

I would like to report seeing a white and brown cat being hit by a car at 10am this morning.

Sadly the car did not stop and the cat was fatally injured :(

As I went out to move it from the road, a lady pulled up in a car and together we put it into a bag and I think she said she had phoned the vets and they advised her to bring it to them.



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