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Author Archive

Bus to St Peters School

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 by mitzi1960

I am looking for anyone who goes to St Peter’s school, on the bus from Quedgeley (Tesco’s).

I live in Kingsway Village and I don’t know anyone who goes to St Peters, as my son currently goes to school in Stroud. He will be starting St Peter’s school in September and I would like to find someone who would be kind enough to meet up with – and see him safely onto the bus, and to make sure that he gets on the bus home – for a couple weeks until he gets used to it.

I know this is a big ask, but as I have to drop off another child to school in Stroud and be at work by 9am, the timetable of the bus leaving Quedgeley makes it impossible (without being in two places at the same time)! So if anyone could help this would be really appreciated.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Community Police Needed

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 by mitzi1960

Last Friday evening, a gang of children once again has gathered outside my house, between Prestwick Rd and Markham Drive, where my son and a friend were playing outside. My son’s friend had been hit several times, when I was called to help. The gang of girls rang off, and then they came back with a number of boys and gathered outside my house (a total of 14 children), so my son was unable to go out and play. When I addressed the gang, all I got was a mouthful of abuse, and told I am not their mother. The child who got hit went to tell her father and the gang followed her to her home. Luckily the father, did tell the girl off and asked the gang to play in their area where they live.

This is becoming a nightly problem from about 4.45pm and at weekends.

My son is now to frightened to go out and play with his friends due to the gang, and if he stays in the garden they all start taunting him and his friends. Something must be done before more and more children join in with this gang. They have already thrown things into the pond and injured a duck, but the most frightening thing of all is them following the children home when they are alone.

I have emailed a request for a visit from the Community Police before, but had no response. I saw a community Policeman on Saturday and asked if we could have a regular visit. But no one has seen any Community Police and myself and my neightbours are getting a bit fed up.

Please please can we have a visit from the Community Police?

Dogs Roaming Kingsway Without Leads

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 by mitzi1960

I have notice a lot lately, that dog walkers let their dogs roam Kingsway without their leads; thus they just enter residents’ gardens and at times leave their mess, only for the residents to clear the dog’s mess up.

The other day a dog came bounding into my garden and started to jumped up and down at my son at the front door. My son did start screaming, as he was frightened, only to be told by the dog owner to calm down. I was not happy with this comment and my son was clearly upset.

Surely dogs should be on leads and be in control by their owners, until they are at an open space for the dogs to run with full control of owners?

As many of us do not have gates, how do we deal with this situation or is this norm?

Can anything be done about this, as one day a child may get bitten or knocked to the floor by a dog, due to the children screaming through fright?

Rubbish Collection – Paying For Bulk Items

Thursday, April 7th, 2011 by mitzi1960

I have notice over the last two weeks there seems to be a lot of local fly tipping, and walkways are filled with household (bulk) rubbish.

My lawnmower broke down this weekend, and I ‘phoned GCC to arrange collections, receiving a message saying that this service is now being charged for, and have your credit/debit card handy!
I was surprised as I have had no notice to say this service is now being charged for.

Many people have no car to go to the tip to dispose of bulky items.
It seems to be encouraging fly tipping.
So Much for this Village being Green.

Garden Thefts and Late Night Prowlers

Friday, August 20th, 2010 by mitzi1960

I have been here now for 4 months. In this time I have had two Gnomes taken from my front doorstep and last night I had a big white planter taken from my front garden.

The sad thing about this, is that a lady of 101 years old gave this plant to my son 2 years ago and he has looked after this plant and named it after her.
He is very upset and wants it back.

I can’t afford to keep replacing items to make my garden look nice, but what is scary, is that I am being woken up hearing people in my garden or in neighbour’s gardens very late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

As I live on my own with my son, I don’t want to confront them for fear of repercussions, but I don’t want to be scared of going to bed and living in my home!

It’s a shame that these houses have no gates on the front gardens, if they did we could lock them.

So what the advice? Who do you turn to?

Table Top Sale?

Sunday, August 15th, 2010 by mitzi1960

Many residents near Prestwick Rd / Marham Drive would like to hold a table top sale on the green area between them.

As this area is used mostly by dog walkers and a few children on their bikes, we wouldn’t disturb road users, but we would like to know who to contact and whether premmission could be gained?

I know many would say go to a car boot sale, but many residents do not drive. But it would be a great idea to recycle items that may benefit others, and between us we would clean up the area if we were allowed to hold one.


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