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Author Archive

Local Primary Schools

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 by poppy


Primary Schools serving Kingsway – Recommendations Wanted!

I am anxious to hear some good positive reviews on local primary schools in the area.
I am in the process of making my selections for my pre-school childs primary school application – due to enrol Sept’ 2013.
If the current reviews are anything to go by then it would seem there are no good schools within walking distance of Kingsway!

I know the OFSTED reports are not exactly brilliant for all the primary schools serving Kingsway, but I like to think that maybe the schools will have improved by the time my child has to start next year.

Please, please, please, if there are any parents who have anything good to say about Kingsway Primary can you comment on this post, or if there are any parents like me with a pre-school child due to begin school in 2013, and intending to send their little ones to Kingsway Primary, I’d be interested to hear their views on the school.

First Impressions from a New Resident

Saturday, September 15th, 2012 by poppy

I am now a resident of Kingsway following the much anticipated completion of our new build home in June 2012! I must say how very different my family and I are finding Kingsway compared to our old home and neighbourhood back in Emersons Green, Bristol/South Glos’, phew… very different indeed! It’s going to take some getting used to! Already we are feeling like we are one of the minority residents – neither of us own a crossbred dog, we do not wear hoodies, jogging bottoms (and I’m not talking visits to the gym here), football tops, we do not have a smoking habit, and neither of us sport any type of tattoos, or chunky gold chains! Sounds a bit harsh you may think, but I am being brutally honest here!

Day 1 of our house move, our belongings still being carried off the back of the removal lorry, and we were approached by one of the neighbours, who as bold as brass introduced herself, and her SIX children (all aged under 10 years). Even the removal men commented to us about how ‘full on’ she seemed! Three months on we have heard several accounts, and ‘warnings’, from other neighbours (all from affordable housing) on how to watch out for the family with all the kids on the corner as they have a habit of ‘pinching things’. The only problem I have with the rather large, and young family on the corner, is the amount of noise that can be heard coming from their house from the crack of dawn through ’til midnight! I can report that nothing, (touch wood), has been taken from outside my house, my garden plants still remain safe!

I was disappointed with the lack of respect for the new build park on the corner, a stone’s throw away from our house. The new turf had been down for less than a week when it was strewn with litter – mostly kids sweet wrappers, and the rides covered in child-like graffiti! I was tempted to take a bucket of bleach and have a go at removing the rude marker pen drawings and swearwords from all the new kids’ play equipment, but it seems bleach would not even do the trick! The children clearly need to be taught a valuable lesson in respect for their Community! I can’t imagine the parents would be the ones to do this, judging from the number of parents who seemed to turn a blind eye to their own offspring littering the park!
Teachers in the local primary schools need to take some responsibility here, and perhaps a visit from a Community Police Officer would help. I was also astounded at the number of very young children left unattended in the park. Children as young as four (could have been much younger, but giving them the benefit of the doubt), left to play with their young friends and siblings, no sign of their parents! I witnessed a very young child screaming after she had been left alone in the park by her seven year old sibling. I took her hand as she attempted to climb the railings because she could not open the gate herself. We managed to track her sibling along the footpath, and I watched them walk home together. I simply do not understand why any parent would allow such young children out on their own, left to their own devices, when if they did the same in their own home, left home alone so to speak, the Social Services would come down hard on them!
There were similar type scenes in the local Tesco Express. I couldn’t believe the high numbers of very young unaccompanied children in the store. A lot of them were riding their scooters around the aisles, and the store staff didn’t seem to mind! Back in our old village, there was a strick rule in our local Tesco Express – a maximum of two unaccompanied children at any given time, and certainly no bikes or scooters allowed in the store!

My family and I decided to give the Summer ‘Fun Day’ a go at the Kingsway Primary School. Firstly we were all quite shocked at how the lady taking entrance money at the school gate had a can of lager in one hand, drinking it in between taking our monies! We were hard pressed to find a single non-smoker at the fun day, unless we were to count the very young children, or police lady on the premises!

I know I’m probably coming across as quite judgmental here, but really I am shocked at the different lifestyles here in Kingsway.
Kingsway is a newly built area, and the surrounding countryside looks quite picturesque, so I really can’t understand why any resident wouldn’t appreciate their new home (affordable or owner occupied)!

New Health Centre and Primary School

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 by poppy


My family and I will be moving into our new home in Kingsway tomorrow, 25th June 2012. I have lots of researching to do regarding new schools, pre-schools, dental and doctors surgeries. I have come across information online suggesting that there is a new ‘state of the art medical centre’ in Kingsway, and also TWO new primary schools, but I have only noticed ONE primary school in Kingsway, and I have no idea where the new medical centre is.

Since my two year old is due to start primary school next year – 2013-2014- and I need to register our preference of local primary school this October, I am keen to find out about the new primary school, where it is, and the name of it. It would be nice to hear from any other parents in Kingsway who like myself, will be seeking a reception primary school place for their little ones for next year.

Any local info very much appreciated!

How Safe is Kingsway?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 by poppy


Having read a lot of negative pieces online regarding Kingsway Village, I felt compelled to ask the residents themselves how they feel about living in Kingsway. Has anything bad ever happened to you or your property, or has your experience of Kingsway been overall a good one?

My first impressions from visiting fairly often to keep updated on the progress of our new-build home have been good. A great family-orientated neighbourhood, a new school, a new playground with tennis courts (can’t be bad), and picturesque views of the rolling hillside. But then I have heard of families living in affordable housing on the estate who have caused trouble for other residents; although the new homes sales assistant did assure us that the particular family had since been evicted.

My family and I have our hearts set on moving into our new home this summer, really looking forward to the move. However, my head is ruling my heart a little when before having exchanged contracts, we are questioning ourselves whether or not security will be an issue on the Kingsway estate.

Will it be safe to leave my pot plants and garden ornaments outside my house, or will it be safe to allow our children walk to the park unaccompanied?

Could we be worrying uneccesarily here?

Are we doing the right thing relocating from Bristol to Quedgeley?

Walking to Severnvale School

Friday, February 24th, 2012 by poppy


I am new to Kingsway, having just purchased a new-build, due for completion mid-May.
I regret I am having to take my daughter out of her current secondary school and will be seeking a place at Severn Vale school due to our move from Bristol.
The new homes agent has told us the SevernVale school is within walking distance of our new home, but I am not sure how safe it will be for an 11 year old to walk to school.
Are there any other children who take the walk to SevernVale and back? Is it possible my daughter could join a group of year 7’s on her walk to school?

I really have no idea if there will be any other year 7 Severnvale students in our neighbourhood. It would be nice for my daughter to have a few buddies living near our new home.
I hate having to drag her away from her friends here in Bristol, but we have no choice and I am really hoping she will be able to make some new friends fairly soon after we move in!


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