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Link to Kingsway Villagers

Created by Clive

If you’d like to help to promote this site, there are several ways in which you can.


2 of our regular members have created Facebook groups:

Kingsway Residents Association

This is a private group created by baz_k (Barry Kirby). It’s open to residents of Kingsway and the surrounding area (Quedgeley, Hardwicke, Copeland Park etc). Just search out the group on Facebook and apply/request to join :)

Kingsway Village

A public group created by Angelina (my wife). You can join this group automatically (and you can also ask your Facebook contacts to join, no matter where they live)!

Both of these groups link to this site, so more members = more publicity for the site :)

Editors Note (09/03/12):
These groups have now been replaced with the Kingsway Gloucester Page, so the above links have been removed.

Linking to Kingsway Villagers

If you have a website (or you have any influence over a website run by your company/organisation etc) you can add a link to this site (http://www.kingsway-villagers.co.uk or http://www.kingswayvillagers.co.uk).

You can also/alternatively link to any url within the site (particularly useful if – for instance – you run a local business site and wish to link to our Local Business section or your < href="http://www.kingsway-villagers.co.uk/advertising/">free business ad’ post).

Social Bookmarks and “My Favourites”

Take a look at the “Share/Save” button under each post; you can add posts to facebook, twitter and many other many bookmark services, add a post to your favourites, and even share via email.

Subscribe to This Site

If you have a blog and would like to add a feed from Kingsway Villagers, try this button: Subscribe

The more publicity we get, the more visibility we will gain throughout Kingsway Village and the surrounding areas (Quedgeley, Hardwicke, Copeland Park, Haresfield, Tuffley, Podsmead, Gloucester, South Gloucester and Gloucestershire).

6 Responses to “Link to Kingsway Villagers”

  1. clairegl2 Says:

    Hello Clive,
    Could you put a link on this site for http://www.aboutmyarea.co.uk/gl2 please?
    Of course I will return the favour.
    Many thanks, in advance.

  2. Clive Says:

    Hi Clare,

    Thanks for registering and posting.
    That’s a useful site for Kingsway Residents.
    Your link has been added :)

  3. Clive Says:

    Hi Folks,

    Recently I’ve had some great news from Angela Frodin at Glos County Council who has very kindly added a link from their website.
    Thank You Angela :D

    Thanks also to John Harris of Walking in Gloucestershire (a website for enthusiasts of walking for pleasure)! If you like a good walk, take a look at his website.

    And thanks to Sandra Hughes of Quedgeley News who has very kindly arranged for a link from their site.

    My thanks also to all of you for adding my link to various local blogs and sites (links to most of which can be found on our Local Contacts & Links page.

    Please keep us in mind if you have (or have influence over) a website :mrgreen:

  4. Ptt Says:

    Facebook Group: Gloucester Kingsway

    I have set up a page for Kingsway upon Facebook.
    The name is as above Gloucester Kingsway.
    Please add and spread the word to all friends and family that are on Facebook.
    Many Thanks.

  5. Clive Says:

    Hi Ptt,

    As you can see (above) there are now 2 Facebook groups for Kingsway and one page/profile

    Kingsway Village – Facebook Group
    Kingsway Residents Association – Facebook Group
    Gloucester Kingsway – Facebook Page

    Editors Note (09/03/12):
    The first two of these groups have now been replaced with the Kingsway Gloucester Page, so the above links have been removed.

    Angelina (my wife) will add you as a friend and direct you to the group page in Facebook.
    If you would link back to this website from your profile page I’d be grateful.


  6. newvillagers Says:

    I created a new Facebook group called Kingsway Villagers.

    Please feel free to join.


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