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Author Archive

Fibre Broadband Providers (Marham Drive)

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 by PotatoPete


Can anybody living in Marham Drive recommend either BT or Sky for fibre broadband please? I am looking for an unlimited fast connection that will be good enough for on line Xbox gaming (plus my kids using YouTube)!

BT can provide unlimited Infinity 2 at 76mbps, whereas SKY has fibre unlimited at either 38mb or 76mb.

I have my concerns about BT as they are reported to throttle speeds even though they say they don’t? But the router provided is supposed to be good.

As for Sky, the router is supposed to be rubbish with WIFI strengths (which is where most of my internet connection is through). But I have heard they are better than BT for broadband?

I have also heard that in both cases, particularly with Sky you can only use their routers to access the internet. There are some reports of people using their own hardware, but apparently it’s an effort to get the settings off the providers kit to input in your own hardware?

Also how much hardware do they actually provide you with? Is SKY just the combined router/hub? But does BT have a router and the hub separately?

I was just trying to get a idea of what people might be using in Marham Drive (or even Kingsway) so that I can make my mind up, thank you.

I am currently using Virgin ADSL to access the internet with a BT phone line rental. But lately the connection has got so bad that I can barely get on line especially in the evening. After ringing them, there is nothing they can do to make it better as they are not providing fibre in Kingsway any time soon. This is the best package they can offer, so my only option is to find another provider.


BT Work?

Sunday, July 28th, 2013 by PotatoPete

Whilst driving past the Woodvale and Thatcham Ave’ roundabout last night (24/07/13) at about 6pm, there was a lot of work going on by BT Openreach. They looked like they were pulling cables through service manholes and there was a lot of BT staff about – more so than I have ever seen in one place actually!

I have noticed that in the last week or so that my usual terrible internet speed has been much better. I also used to get a lot of dropped connections and not being able to log on at all, but this has all gone now?

So, do you know if we are having improvements to our internet or is it just maintenance by BT?

Lost or Wild Pheasant in Marham

Saturday, February 16th, 2013 by PotatoPete

I seem to remember a while back somebody losing a pheasant around Kingsway?

I don’t know if this belongs to the same person or if it’s wild, but I saw a pheasant wandering around in Marham Drive this morning at about 8.30am, 16th Feb 2013. It was in the large open road area just before the arched flats. Then it walked back up Marham, turned left onto Thatcham Ave and carried on walking!

I know this post might not be much help as the bird could be anywhere now. But it might give you a idea of it’s last location if you are looking for it!

Marham Drive – Grass Strip

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 by PotatoPete

Does anybody know who is the best person to contact about sorting out the ruined grass strip within the entrance of Marham Drive? I have contacted kingsway@gardiner.com twice, but had no reply and am wondering if this is the correct contact for the following problem:

(For the record I am not starting a parking flame war here, but I am sure it will develop into it! Regardless to say this problem has been caused by people from Thatcham Avenue parking here. Also people living by the Primary School, a long way from their homes have been parking here – I know this from approaching them. If you wish and without naming names, I could list all the people who park here for your interest).

So the problem; the grass strip within the entrance of Marham Drive is a total mess. The Grass has been churned up into a mud patch, which is being washed down the road, making it look unsightly. Because of cars parking here, the level of the grass / mud has also been squashed down to a considerable depth below the top of the kerb, which is now retaining muddy water. Resulting in both a dangerous trip hazard to pedestrians and a huge pot-hole for vehicles. Yesterday I saw one car bounce quite violently up and down whilst driving over the pot-hole, this happened because another car was parked opposite and thus forced them onto the grass mess. Another car was going to park on the grass, then decided to go elsewhere within Marham because of the mud! Thus driving a nice tyre-width mud line all down the road.

I have also noticed that this is starting  to happen to the other grass strip a bit further in and opposite the sub-station – an absolute mess.

What with the rubbish left over from the refuse and recycling collection (which I am constantly picking up). The whole entrance looks a right state and it’s no wonder that Kingsway gets a bad reputation from the press because of this mess.

It looks bad, is dangerous and needs to be sorted out, but bollards (like those added to Mildenhall) won’t be suitable here, ‘though there are a few other options I know of that may work.

Internet Problems

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 by PotatoPete

Is anybody in Kingsway experiencing internet problems?

I live in Marham Drive and use BT for the ‘phone line and Virgin for the internet; problems occur such as disconnecting for long periods, disconnecting and reconnecting within a few minutes, slow speeds and so on, particularly during the early morning (8.30am onwards).

This happened about two months ago during the heavy rain and I decided not to call my providers; it was really bad during this time and you could barely get online, but it’s happening again (not as bad as before), so I called them yesterday and they tell me nothing is wrong! Of course it’s never their fault and it must be my hardware, which I know full well it’s not because I have tested it! By the way both companies Customer Support is appalling, especially BT.

However I did notice on the BT website, that Hardwicke was having line problems, which had supposedly been fixed – it had affected all numbers with 01452 in the area. The BT person failed to tell me this.

So, I was just wondering if anybody else (especially in Marham Drive) was having a problem and who they were using?

Thatcham Parking Opposite Marham Drive!

Monday, June 14th, 2010 by PotatoPete

I live in Marham Drive and I am sick to death of the inconsiderate people living in Thatcham Ave and opposite Marham Drive who continually park in the entrance.

I know where they live and the cars they drive, they all have adequate off road parking space but constantly park in and opposite Marham. I can imagine that this will only get worse when and if yellow lines are added.

As I type this one of their cars is parked in the entrance tonight. It is extremely dangerous and my wife witnessed a near miss with another “Marham parker” earlier. This person came extremely fast around the corner, avoiding the other Thatcham car and almost having a head on collision with a car exiting. This person looking sheepish then drove off and parked near to their house! It is nightmare trying to exit in the morning with these parked cars.

I fully appreciate that there are road works going on at the minute. But these people have ample of road parking and are too lazy to use it or park a bit further down Thatcham Ave.

I respect those living in Thatcham who are parking considerately, but despise the others who do not and live in the vicinity of Marham Drive. These few bottom feeders are giving the other good people of Thatcham a bad name. So if you are one of those and are reading this: MOVE YOUR CAR TO WHERE YOU LIVE!

I could not care less if you think I have no community spirit – I am sick of these people who continually park here, particularly when they do not live in Marham Drive and are causing a danger to others.


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