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Submit A Post

Rules & Guidelines

1. You are invited to make posts about pretty-much any subject which may be of interest to local residents.

2. Controversial subjects will be carefully considered.

3. Posts should take the form of (complete) articles rather than simple questions.

4. Articles should be AT LEAST 75 words… (General questions & short comments should be posted here).

5. Once your post is added you can (and should) monitor for comments.

6. Please use this facility responsibly.

7. See our Website Terms & Conditions).

How To Submit A Post

1. Log in to the admin’ section (opens in new window).

2. Near the top of the left-menu is a section called "Posts" and – within that section – the option to "Add New"… Click That.

3. Add the title in the top field and post content in the large box beneath.
…Use "Visual Mode" unless you are familiar with HTML.
…Ignore everything else except:

4. Choose your category from the list on the right.
If it seems appropriate, you can submit to multiple categories. If you don’t see a suitable category, just submit to "News" or "About Us", and I will create a new category to suit.

5. Ignore "Tags" (not used on this site).

6. Scroll back to the top and use the "Preview" button to preview your post, and the "Publish" Button to submit it… (You can also "Save Draft" posts and complete them later, and you can include notes for me at the foot of your article – I’ll edit them out before posting).

Note: Draft posts will not be published; you must click "PUBLISH" to add it to the queue.

7. Note: Your “published” post will remain in the queue awaiting my review/authorisation.

8. Posts which remain as “drafts” for more than 3 months will be deleted.

Submissions – History

In December 2007, I created a facility for users to submit articles for inclusion in the blog via a form, which was situated on this page (see this post).

Late in 2009, the form/facility "self-destructed" (the software supplied wasn’t capable of coping with the number of articles submitted), so I came up with a better solution.

This new solution (above) is available to all registered users.

Top Posters

Our "Top (20) Contributors" list (right menu bar) lists our most prolific posters, with links to "user archives".

If you didn’t make the list but wish to view your archives – or you wish to view archives for somebody else who’s not on there – try this:

Click here (Opens in new window – Right click and select "Open In New Tab" to do that).

When the page opens check the url in the browser top window, it will read http://www.kingsway-villagers.co.uk/author/admin/

Replace "admin" with your login/username (or that of the archive you wish to view) and hit "Enter".

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