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Welcome to Kingsway Village

Created by Clive

Hi and welcome to Kingsway Villagers, a website for residents of Kingsway Village, BY residents of Kingsway Village, Gloucestershire.

The site was launched in early August 2007.

My name is Clive Barton and I live at 35, Thatcham Avenue. I moved to Kingsway in November 2006 with my partner Angelina, our daughter Phoenix Rose, my sons Michael, David and Richard, and my step son Cheyenne.
I like the place and the people so much I decided to create this site.

Angelina will be known to many of you as an (ex) local Avon representative and sales leader. She also ran Baby Sign Language Classes at the Quedgeley Community Centre in the past, (Handy Expressions is now an online Baby Sign Language resource).

Kingsway residents can call in at the above address, or contact me on 01452-722965 if you would like to get involved, contribute pictures or information, or advertise your services.

Contact Us

To contact us about advertising, adding entries to our local contacts page or other elements of the site where we invite you to do so, please call me on the above number, add a comment to this post, or email: cbarton(AT)bartonsweb.co.uk.

Welcome to Kingsway :)

Contact The Kingsway Residents Association

Please visit the Kingsway Residents Association home page.

80 Responses to “Welcome to Kingsway Village”

  1. Clive Says:

    I made a logo for the site today.

    Kingsway Villagers Logo - Animated

    I didn’t want to write a post about it – in fact I didn’t intend to write about it at all – but I thought people might wonder about it (“It’s a logo, not a price tag” – lol) so I thought I’d explain it’s origins.

    I mentioned above that Angelina runs baby sign language classes.
    The signs used are based (very closely) on British sign language.
    The logo is derived from the sign for Kingsway Villagers! Here’s how:

    King: Using an open hand (fingers splayed and palm down) you move it down on the top of your head (like a crown).

    Way: Starting with your hand tucked against your stomach (palm upwards), move it away from you (like a road going into the distance).

    Villagers: With open hand (palm down and fingers splayed to represent people) held in front of you and “pat” down.

    If you combine all 3 parts your hand will trace the shape used in the logo.

    Kinda neat huh… and worth every penny :D

    Edit 09/07/’08: Added animated versions.

  2. Clive Says:

    I enjoy making animations, it’s a bit of a hobby/ busmans holiday :lol:

    I rarely get much time to practice but I am getting better :mrgreen:

    Just for fun, I made a whole bunch of animated versions of the (small) logo and set up a script to rotate them (randomly – on “pageload”*) in the site menu… (which means I can add more whenever I’m feeling creative)!

    * They will reload each time you visit – or "refresh" a page on the site (except when using the "back button").

    I hope you like them!

  3. AnimalMagicGlos Says:

    Hi Clive,

    Can you tell me more about advertising on this site please? You have kindly – as I realise this site is intended for residents – accepted a couple of comments from me in the past couple of days and I would like to make my services more obviously available to residents.

    My training classes take place in Maisemore which is not a million miles away down the bypass and may help some of the residents with their dogs. I have one client in the village who uses me for pet boarding and I am certain they would give you a reference if needs be.

    Kind regards,


  4. Clive Says:

    Hey Claire,

    Thanks for asking :)

    The site isn’t solely for residents of Kingsway; anybody with an interest in the village or the surrounding area is welcome here.

    Ordinarily I wouldn’t allow anybody to make a post promoting their business but yours were both very relevant and helpful, and your website looks good (which is why I edited the links to improve their value to you).

    Plus – I’m a little behind sorting out my advertising info’ (have been waiting on some software) :roll:

    I will email you with details.

  5. mortgageadvisor1 Says:

    Just wondering if I can be of any use to Kingsway residents?
    I am a mortgage advisor with 10 years experience and would like to offer a question and answer blog to anyone who has questions about mortgages.
    I do work for a bank but am also happy to provide generic advice.
    Let me know if you think this would be worthwhile.

  6. Clive Says:

    Hi Sara,

    What do you have in mind?
    Were you asking…
    1. If a “mortgage advice section could be added to the Kingsway Blog?
    2. If I would create (and manage) a “Mortgage Advice Blog” for you to run?
    3. Something else (please specify)!

    Either way I might be able to help. Please tell me what you have in mind :)


  7. mortgageadvisor1 Says:

    Hi Clive,
    Any of the first 2 would work fine for me – I can log in at work or at home so really whatever would be easier for you to do!
    Just thought with the financial climate as it is at the mo’ I could try to offer some peace of mind! x

  8. Clive Says:

    Hi ma1,

    I would prefer the 2nd option because it’s a little "specialised" for this site, although I will – of course – publicise it’s existence here.

    I’m happy to do it, but I know nothing about mortgages (nowadays), so I wouldn’t be able to help with the content at all, just the site management, design management and publicity/traffic.

    I will send you an email with requirements to get the ball rolling :D

  9. mortgageadvisor1 Says:

    ok thanks clive xx

  10. Jason Says:

    Hi Clive

    I’m working on a new initiative in Gloucester to support local people into employment called Gloucester Works. You may have recently seen a story about our launch in the press:

    £6million to boost employment in Gloucester.

    I want to ensure that these opportunities are available to Kingsway residents, so was looking to have a chat with you to learn more about the community.
    Can you email me on jason (dot) dunsford (at) glosfirst (dot) co (dot) uk please, or ask Ismail Ali for my ‘phone number on Friday.


  11. cac Says:

    Could you please put the following details onto the diary dates on the site. I am a new member of the Friends of Severn Vale (my daughter started in Sept this year) and as there are a few families in Kingsway who use the school, it may be of interest. Thanks.

    Christmas Craft Fair
    12 – 4pm 22 November 2008
    Severn Vale School, Quedgeley

    Entrance £1 adults, children(16 under) free

  12. Clive Says:

    Hi cac,

    Thanks for that – it’s been added… (My boys go to Severn Vale School too but I hadn’t heard about that one)!

    Hi Jason,

    I’m very sorry for the delay in replying.
    I had intended to speak to Ismail about it but he didn’t make the meeting (sadly he arrived at the wrong venue and had mis-typed my mobile number into his ‘phone so couldn’t ring me)!
    After that I was in bed for a few days (chest infection) and – since then – I completely forgot to contact you :oops:

    An email is (finally) on it’s way.

  13. lis Says:

    Hi Clive,

    Would you put in your local contacts that I am offering a dog walking service to people on the estate, (for a reasonable fee of course)?

    01452 722267

    Thanks Clive

    PS: Hope you’re feeling better now

  14. Clive Says:

    Hi Lis,

    It’s done.

    I’m still feeling a little fragile, but better than I was thank you :?

  15. Photographer Says:

    Hi Clive,

    Could you place in your local contacts that I am providing contemporary Portrait and Wedding photography to people on the estate and beyond.

    Thanks James

  16. 92xtina92 Says:


    My name is Christina and I’m 16 (17 in february).

    Please could you add me to the contact list for “pet sitting” while people go on holiday in the Kingsway Village.
    I live in Kingsway myself and I have had experience with cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish…

    Thank You.

  17. 92xtina92 Says:

    sorry i forgot to leave my number 01452 722467

  18. lis Says:

    Hi Clive,

    Would you remove me as dog walker and babysitter please.

    Lis :)

  19. Clive Says:

    Hi James,

    Sorry I didn’t respond before, (I missed your post)!
    I’m afraid Portrait and Wedding Photography fall under “Local Business”.

    Hi Christina and Lis,
    Done and done :)


  20. 92xtina92 Says:

    heya, its Christina again. I don’t mind if im put down as a babysitter too becuase I would like to start doing that in some evenings around Kingsway to earn some extra money for my driving lessons.

  21. Clive Says:

    Hi Christina,

    OK – is done… Good luck :)

  22. cac Says:

    Can you please put the following into the diary dates, Thanks

    Severn Vale School, Quedgeley – Race Night
    Race Night
    Friday 27 March 2009
    Starting at 7.30pm in the school hall

    £3.00 adults and £2.00 for accompanied children

    Bring your own drinks/nibbles

  23. Clive Says:

    Hi cac,

    Yep – is done :)


  24. kinswaypain Says:

    Hi, I am a website designer living in Kinsway – just posted my comment about my car being vandalised :evil: I can do some amazing things with wordpress templates I would like to offer you a redesign of this site. I can mock you up some possibly layouts, if you like any I’ll develop them for you :D

  25. Clive Says:

    Hi kp,

    Thanks but I’m ok with it as is :)

  26. Clare Says:

    Hi Clive

    I’ve lost your email address! I don’t seem to have regained my pre-pregnancy brain! Could you please drop me an e-mail to clare(at)brutonyoung.co.uk coz I’d like to change my Arbonne advert page.

  27. lis Says:

    Hello Clive,

    Could you put my mate’s number in local contacts?
    Shes a mobile hairdresser, and she’s very good.


  28. Clive Says:

    Hi Clare,

    Email is on it’s way.

    Hi lis,

    That’s a little awkward :oops:
    Mobile Hairdresser is really a Business, so should be in the Local Business section… (See my reply to “Photographer” above; I can’t really allow one and not the other)!

    I don’t mind adding local services (dog walking, babysitting etc) because they’re more of a “paid hobby” than a business, but if I add business numbers to Local Contacts for free I’ll be swamped with requests for free advertising (and unable to feed the kids – lol).

    I will be revising my pricing structure (because of the economic situation) shortly and may add a cheap/permanent rate for an entry in “Local Contacts” to cater for these types of business’.


    PS: Following this post I revised my rates and added the opportunity for business listings in our Local Contacts Page page as promised… (see page for details).

  29. Franco Says:

    Hi Clive,

    I am a resident of Kingsway and I am interested in discussing a few matters with you. I would prefer to e-mail, as this is the cheapest method of contact, but cannot find an e-mail on the site anywhere. Presumably this is to avoid spam, which is the same reason I will not post my e-mail in this comment. Are you able to view my profile and get my e-mail from there?

    I would also like to mention that I have a few ideas for the site, and have experience with php, mysql etc and would be interested in helping you develop it further.

    Hope to hear from you


  30. Clive Says:

    Hi Franco,

    Yep – I hate spammers :)

    You can always ring or drop in (details are in this post); meanwhile I’ll send you an email.

    PS: For future info’ it’s: me

  31. Baz_k Says:


    For some reason, I cant post new articles again :(

    I have tried to quickpress one about home brewing (through the dashboard) but am not sure if its working.

    If not can you post the following for me: (Editors Note: Content removed and is available here).


  32. Clive Says:

    Hi Baz,

    Sorry for the confusion :(

    If you use the Quickpress form as opposed to the article submission form it goes through a different system (amongst other things it doesn’t get included in your total number of posts which – as you can see – shows 26, whereas – in fact – you’ve made 28)!

    In either case it won’t show up until I authorise it (you remember I sent you an email some time ago explaining that I would need to authorise all articles in future as part of my spam-protection).

    I set up the quickpress facility for you when the article form wasn’t working and – since I fixed it – I forgot to “switch it off” :lol:

    I’ve done that now so – for future submissions – you can use the proper form!

    You were probably further mystified by the fact that neither of your comments about the subject showed up! The simple answer is that comments that include a web link are also held for moderation (also for anti-spam security)!

    Sorry again about the confusion, and thanks for the post :D

  33. sandra Says:

    House Cleaning Services (Kingsway Village Only)

    Hi Clive,

    I am not a business but a Kingsway housewife who would like to earn some pin money by offering to clean houses for a few hours a week.

    I am reliable, hard working with high standards.
    This is only for Kingsway residents.

    My number is 01452-722467.

    Many Thanks,

  34. Clive Says:

    Hi Sandra,

    I’ve added your details to our Local Contacts & Services page.
    Please let me know if/when you wish me to remove it.

    Good Luck :D

  35. cac Says:

    Good morning Clive

    Please can you put the following onto the diary dates for me?

    Craft Fair at Severn Vale School
    Saturday 21st November 2009

    Friends of Severn Vale present their annual Craft Fayre in the School hall. Handcrafted jewellery, bags, Tarot, candles, cards, pottery, cushions, needle work, caricatures, preserves, crafted woodwork, Aloe Vera, Knitwear, and lots more. Come along and get all of your christmas presents under one roof, then sit and enjoy a slice of homemade cake with a lovely cup of tea or coffee.

    Entrance fee of £1 (children free)

  36. ClareW Says:

    Hi Clive
    Could you please add something to your diary Dates section please?

    Kingsway School are holding their first Christmas Fayre on Saturday 5th December 10-1.

    There will be:
    Santas Grotto
    Fun, games and crafts for the children
    Secret Santa room – Children can choose presents for Mum and Dad without them peeking
    External stands to do your Christmas shopping
    Refreshments and Cake stall

    All welcome please come and support your local school.
    Entrance fee 50p per family to include entry into prize draw

  37. Clive Says:

    Hi Carol & Clare,

    I have added both events to the diary.

    Thanks for posting :D


  38. liannecross Says:

    Please can you add this to the Job section – Thank you.


    I am a reliable and trustworthy 18 year-old girl, who has experience looking after younger children.

    I am currently studying at Gloucestershire College on a Childcare and Education Diploma.

    I am looking for babysitting work in Kingsway Village, and am available most evenings and on weekends.

    I can provide a CRB Check, as I have had one done through college, which started in October and is valid for one year. I can also provide references if necessary.

    If you are interested, please call Lianne on 07538842672 or (01452) 724785.
    Alternatively you can email me on lcross1991@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you

  39. Clive Says:

    Hi Lianne,

    I’ve added your details to our Local Contacts & Services page.

    Sorry for the delay :oops:


  40. Baz_k Says:

    Refuse Collection

    Just in case anyone was wondering, our next collection is tomorrow (Saturday)

  41. Liz Says:

    Hi everyone!

    I am moving to Kingsway from Leicestershire next month with my four boys (aged 12yrs, 6yrs, 4yrs & 19mths).

    I’m looking for toddler groups in the area so me and the children can make friends, also clubs the older ones can join (football, beavers etc).

    Also wanting to find a pre-school for my 4 year old, who starts school in sept, hopefully with other children hoping to go to Kingsway primary so he’ll have some friends to go with.

    Has anyone else had to appeal for places at Kingsway Primary or Severn Vale and got any tips?

    Really grateful for any suggestions


  42. Clive Says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for joining in :)

    There are details of some local groups/activities on our Local Contacts page.
    There are details for the local Youth Centre on our Equals Youth Centre page.

    In addition, there are many regular activities, clubs and groups etc at the Quedgeley Community Centre (very close to Kingsway); details are available here.

    Re’ Pre-Schools: My daughter went to "Little Owls" (Fieldcourt Pre-School) – You can contact them on 0783 398 7439.

    I’m afraid I can’t help with your last question… Perhaps somebody else might chime in :)

    Welcome to Kingsway :D

  43. cac Says:

    Race Night at Severn Vale School

    Please can you add this to the diary dates?

    Friends of Severn Vale School – Race Night

    Date: Friday 5th March 2010
    Time: 7pm – 10pm in the school hall

    Tickets: Adults £3, accompanied children £2

    There will be an auction running during the evening.

    Nibbles will be provided; please bring your own drinks.

  44. Clive Says:

    Hi cac,

    Thanks for the notice, the event is added :)

  45. pleasant Says:

    Hi Clive
    Can you respond to the email i sent you please its rather urgent. Thanks very much. Pleasant.

  46. Baz_k Says:

    Hi Pleasant

    If your after him urgently, I would recommend giving him a ring (number in top post on this page) as I know he can get a bit overwhelmed by the number of emails he gets, especially when he has a lot of work on.

    Hope it helps

    Cheers, Barry

  47. Clive Says:

    Hi Pleasant,

    Sorry for the delay… as Barry says I don’t look at emails every day (and was away over most of the weekend) so I didn’t see it(/them) until today.
    It’s been sorted now though (CYM) :)

    Thanks mate…
    Hey – last time I saw you, weren’t you wearing a balloon on your face? :lol:

  48. Baz_k Says:


    ???? – Balloon?
    What have I done now?


  49. Clive Says:

    :lol: I received a Labour campaign leaflet/booklet from Parmjit, you were in the picture and the person next to you was holding a balloon…

    On page 2 the same picture, but the balloon had drifted and was smack bang where your head should have been… 8O

    I figured Parmjit had selected that picture on purpose to keep the "new boy" in his place :lol:

  50. HannahMonty Says:

    Hi Clive,

    Thought you may be interested to hear that we’re organising a community Christmas event at Kingsway on 9th December from 5.30-7pm.
    Didn’t know if you may be interested in attending the event? Perhaps giving the event a mention once we have more details re: entertainment and the event?
    Let me know,

  51. Clive Says:

    Hi Hannah,

    I’ve sent you an email about this.


  52. Bushy Says:

    Hi Clive,
    Thanks for submitting my “lost cat” post and the offer of displaying a photo. I cant figure out how to get a photo to you though. Can you help please?


  53. Flyerguy Says:

    Hi Clive,

    Could you add my daughter Olivia to the babysitting services section please?

    She’s 16, very reliable and has recently completed a babysitting training course which included paediatric first aid.

    She is available most evenings and weekends and can be contacted on 01452 881955.


  54. Clive Says:

    Hi Gavin,

    Details added to our local contacts & services page.

    Good luck Olivia :D


  55. WrightyJ Says:

    Non user friendly

    This site is so hard to use, I am unable for some reason to reply to some posts on this web page. Why is this?

  56. Clive Says:

    Hi WrightyJ,

    I’ve no idea, you have the same access as all our other members, so it should work ok.

    Your first comment would be held for approval, but I haven’t seen one, (this comment was added as a post, so I converted it to a comment for you).

    If you tell me which post(s) you are struggling to reply to, I’ll figure it out.

  57. vintec Says:


    For some reason I can`t add any coments as well.

    Anyway – thanks for the blog – quite alot of information about Kingsway is here.

  58. Clive Says:

    Hi vintec,

    As mentioned above, your first comment is held for moderation (along with any others until your membership is approved)!

    You are authorised now so your future comments will be added automatically.

    Notice To All Members
    1. Comments from new users are held for moderation.
    2. All comments are monitored.
    3. All posts/articles submitted are held pending moderation.
    4. All comments containing links* are held pending moderation.
    * (Including links to email addresses)

    Temporary Registration Block (New Users)
    I have temporarily switched off our user registration facility.
    If you wish to register, please contact me directly.


  59. askareington Says:

    Hi Clive,

    Are you still looking for someone to sell advertising space?
    Drop me an email I will see what I can offer.
    I am meeting up with Barry next week to discuss joining the RA.


  60. Clive Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Yes I am. I will drop you an email ASAP (may be a few days as I am officially “on holiday” for 2 weeks)!

    It would be great to have another volunteer for the RA; the more the merrier (and easier – lol).


    PS: I can get your email address from my admin’ area, so I took it off your post… (save you getting added to somebody’s email spam list – lol).

  61. char_willson Says:

    Hi Clive

    I have organised a Pamper and Christmas Shopping Evening to raise funds for a local parent and toddler group (I have posted details about this on the site) and just wondered if it would be at all possible for you to add our poster for the event to the Kingsway Villagers site?

    Email me at mu32u_pamperevening@yahoo.co.uk to let me know,

    Many thanks


  62. Butterflies Says:

    Hi I would like to get some information on what you charge for advertising??
    I have set up my own treatment room over in Quedgeley and I am looking to get more advertisement.

    Please could you email me.

    Thank you

  63. Clive Says:

    Hi Butterflies,

    Advertising rates are here.

    I have emailed you with these details too.


  64. DWH Says:


    Could you possibly remove David Wilson Homes from your list of developers as we currently do not have a development at Kingsway, which is misleading some people.

    Many thanks,


  65. Clive Says:

    Hi DWH,

    The list of Developers includes details of those who have built here previously, (for residents still experiencing issues), but I have made things a little clearer on the developers page and removed the expired website link.

    Thanks for your contribution :)

  66. Clive Says:


    On 26th April you created a post called “Property Rental Scam”.

    On 4th May I sent an email about the post – to the email address you used in your registration here (gmail.com).
    I haven’t yet received a reply (which is why your post hasn’t been published).

    If you want me to publish the post please reply to my email – or post here if there’s a problem with that email address.


  67. poppy Says:

    How can I remove my profile and posts from Kingsway Villagers website?

  68. Clive Says:

    Hi poppy,

    I’ve replied to this in your “pending” post (added yesterday). If you go to the admin’ area and look at your posts you should see it. Click on the “edit” link and you will see my reply and you can add a comment back and save it by clicking the “publish” or “save as pending” buttons.


  69. poppy Says:

    I wish to delete my account/profile on Kingsway Villagers but there don’t seem to be any links to do so. Help appreciated!

  70. Clive Says:

    Hi poppy,

    You can’t delete it.

    It doesn’t contain any personal details (except for the email address you signed up with, and that isn’t accessible to anybody else but me).

    Just stop using it!

  71. Clive Says:

    Yellow Lines and Parking Issues in Kingsway

    If you wish to comment / leave feedback regarding the above, (in response to the recent letter from the County Council), please go HERE.

  72. MS PC Repairs Says:

    Hi Clive.
    I would like to advertise on this site I do have an advertisement in PDF or JPG format and also a 10 second video advert if this is possible. I am looking for a permanent placement or something much like the android tablet add you have running on this page.
    Is it possible to have a permanent place down the side of the home page and a listing with link to my website in the local business section?
    Kind regards.
    MS PC Repairs & Servicing

  73. Clive Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’m very sorry for not replying to you yet… I was going to email you about this and intended to do it days ago… but stuff keeps cropping up and I keep having to put it off!

    (My wife has been poorly for most of this year and what with Christmas and the kids and everything I’m wayyy behind right now) :oops:

    I will email you as soon as I can.
    Please forgive the delay.

    Merry Christmas,

  74. MS PC Repairs Says:

    Hi Clive no problem No rush I will await your email. Merry Christmas and I hope things are better for your wife and family in the new year.

  75. ClareW Says:


    Please could you add this to the dates for the diary please.
    Kingsway Primary School Fete and Football Tournament
    Saturday 6th July 1-5pm

    Further Details here.

    Thanks so much,

    (Edited by Clive – added link to post).

  76. blastu2 Says:

    Morning Clare,

    Would you have a flyer for this event?

    If so, add it to our Kingsway Village Facebook Page too. I would be happy to pass it onto the respective Housing Associations within the village and Council so they can include it onto their websites for tenants to equally be aware, and or take part too.

  77. Clive Says:

    Hi Clare,

    I’ve added the event to our Diary Dates page and added your post (thank you)… I also edited your post (above) to link to the post about the event.


  78. Al Says:


    I am not happy at all. Just read a post by Lja which is nothing more than lies.

    We have only just arrived back from a long holiday (over a month) and while my whole family were out of the UK, Lja claims on the public formum that we disposed of her dead cats body and then went on to abuse my family and warn others of not bothering to chip their animals as we would throw the dead bodies away and then went on to ask the question what my family would do of we came across a human body. I find this very upsetting as it was only my wife and I who helped a dying tramp in the city of Gloucester as other members of the public literally walked & stepped over his dying body as it lay in the street. Yet her personal attack claims that we would just discard a human dead body.

    I find the comments very damaging and do not feel that I should have to defend myself or my family for the lies and deceit of lja’s comments.

    Furthermore she claimed that she contacted QUVL and they said they collected the cat and took the cat to Manor Farm. Therefore please can you get the name and number from the QUVL contact that she ‘apparently’ spoke to. I can then follow up the ‘story’.

    I really am not happy about the post and request that you either look to ban the author or they offer a full apology as I am very upset about this damaging character attack on myself and my family.

    I am very angry and request that this complaint is given a hasty follow up.

    I am available to meet with this Lja to sort out and am available any day/ or evening next week.

    Please can you update me as a matter of urgency on this.



  79. Clive Says:

    Hi Al,

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    I have suspended the post in question and will email you about it on my return home tomorrow (evening).

    Meanwhile, if you have any further thoughts you can either post them here or email me (clive.barton@sky.com).

    If you wish you can also send me an email for Lja, and I will forward it on my return.


  80. Claudia Says:

    Hi Clive

    My name is Claudia Adams and I am a massage Therapist.
    I would like to advertise a ‘Free Christmas Massage’ which it will take place on the 30th of November and 7th of December. It is also to let people know about Holisticure – Holistic Massage Therapy in Marham Drive, Kingsway. Is it possible to do that? How can advertise in here? I have started to deliver some flyers.
    Thank you Claudia

    (Editors Note: I dealt with this by contacting Claudia privately… Hence no reply below)!

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