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Author Archive

BT – The Race To Infinity

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 by MissC

Here’s the latest news about BT’s new, superfast fibre optic broadband, BT Infinity… It’s called The Race to Infinity – the chance to make our area the next to experience BT Infinity.

Fast broadband is being launched all over the UK. Harwicke – which is our local exchange – is in the running to have it very soon. So please cast your vote in the Race To Infinity NOW, and help Hardwicke be the winning area.

With enough votes, you could be looking at speeds of up to 40Mb – in other words, a totally transformed internet, where downloads, uploads, chat and play can all happen at once. Suddenly, all those things that used to take forever on the internet, don’t.

All you need to do is follow the link above, which asks you to enter in your postcode, and vote, vote, vote :)

Little Vandals

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 by MissC

Totally Uncalled For:

A couple of days ago our pet escaped and was returned to us, however we were out and my Mother was looking after my family. An hour after the pet had been returned, two young boys turned up and asked her for a reward! She in turn asked them to come back tomorrow to ‘ask us’ in person.

They did return :) However my partner wasn’t prepared to give them a reward due to the nature of the way that they asked (and bringing 2 other boys with them as well).

Today I had just arrived home and suddenly one of the older boys that they had brought with them had thrown eggs at my house! I now have egg all down my door, driveway, path and inside the house! I was soooo angry that I went after them to ‘have a word’, which I did. The boy even denied he had done it… cheeky sod!

I rang The Police and also found some PCSO’s and gave them the info’, asking them to look for him as well. They also happened to warn some other children of what could happen (which is an £80.00 fine and they can clean up the mess they have made).

I am going to leave it for him! I have photo evidence of what they look like (and they are good images) and we also managed to get a first name from one child that we spoke to.

I am wondering if anything else will happen. I am quite prepared if it does! However I am hoping parents will warn their children of what can happen and I hope it is not any children of the parents who visit this site… because you may be getting a knock!

I am also wondering if we can start a page somewhere of what is happening so that we can be warned and know who / what to look out for?

I am not prepared to live here like this and am just waiting for something to happen. This is the 2nd thing this year now! Even the PCSO said they are having to patrol here every day now (I’m not surprised).

I am just fed up and wish I could do more really.

Dogs Fouling

Friday, July 17th, 2009 by MissC

Coming home from taking my child out today, I found some dog poo outside my front door… not just one bit but quite a few!
The owner obviously couldn’t be bothered to clear it up, how pleasant!
I’m sure they wouldn’t like me to return the favour outside their front door would they?

Then I went out this evening and – upon turning into our road on the corner – found more dog poo… Could be from the same dog I don’t know!

How do these people get prosecuted?
Do you need to catch them in the act?

Kingsway Hits The Headlines… Again

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 by MissC

PLANS to increase levels of social housing on the Kingsway estate in Gloucester have angered nearby residents.

The site was originally planned to contain social housing making up 30% of the total number of properties.

However, a revised planning application for part of the estate has seen that level rise to 42%, with 20 out of 67 new homes set aside for social housing.

The plans, for land near Thatcham Avenue, have provoked an angry response from nearby residents, with 18 objections submitted to Gloucester City Council’s planning committee.

Mark Kubulus, of Thatcham Avenue, said:

“We seem to have a fast growing problem of crime, litter and anti-social-behaviour way in excess of anywhere else comparatively in Gloucester.

When I purchased my property I was sold a vision for Kingsway Village which I totally embraced. However the reality is now that I was sold a lie.”

Matthew Steele, of Chivenor Way, said:

“I object to the increase in social housing as this will change the balance of the community.
When many residents purchased their properties they were informed of the type and quantity of housing and to change the ratio now would be wrong.”

However, according to the report prepared for next Tuesday’s planning committee meeting, nothing can be done to control the level of Social Housing on the site.

The report, prepared by Joann Meneaud, states:

“It is noted that the majority of concerns raised by local residents relate to the increase in the amount of social housing to be provided. It is a condition of the development at RAF Quedgeley that 30% of all housing is social housing.
The developer cannot provide less than 30% but there are no restrictions should the developer wish to exceed this amount. Therefore the increase in the numbers of social housing on this site is acceptable.
Ultimately the developer could chose to sell all the plots to a registered housing provider without any further recourse to this planning authority.”

The application will be discussed when Gloucester City Council’s planning committee meets next Tuesday.

The meeting will start at 6pm at the authority’s North Warehouse headquarters in Gloucester Docks and is open to the public.

Local Burglaries

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 by MissC


I would like to mention that there has been a spate of burglaries on our street in the last 3 weeks.

One was a break in to a car – stereo stolen, and more recently a bike from a garage (however it was recovered) and another car was broken into with some valuables stolen.

To protect ourselves further I would suggest locking your cars, locking your garages, keeping valuables either out of the car (ideally) or by hiding them. Items of value in your garden hidden or in a lockable shed.

We all need to protect ourselves and I am not going to mention the gap between the most recent burglaries… it was very short put it that way!
It doesn’t take long for someone to test your locks open up your car / house / garage then take what they want!

Let’s beat them, not help them!

Keeping up Appearances

Sunday, October 26th, 2008 by MissC


I know there has been some debate on here about trolleys, things left at the park etc…

This is our Community, we live here and it’s up to to keep it the way we like it.

The other day I noticed next to our house that someone had left a smashed bottle there. I said to my other half that we should clean it up. Why? Because our children play out there, it is next to our house and one which is currently empty, and I care about how my area looks.

If we all walk outside our house and possibly notice a little bit of rubbish – pick it up; it will make Kingsway look clean and tidy and yes – maybe it may happen again – but at least there won’t be a mound of it.

I was walking down a side road last week and I noticed cardboard, bottles, writing on lampposts, writing on road signs etc… If the people who lived there washed it off – may take oh, 5 minutes but it will make the area look much less run down which is what it looks like down that side alley at the moment!

I do like living here, mainly as I live in a quiet part, however it is worrying how many trolleys, rubbish etc we do see…

We all need to take note and care for our Community.


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