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Advertise your business on this website from BELOW £8.67 PCM (Sitewide) – or:
Add your business contact details for JUST £40.00 (Permanent Listing)!

All advertisements (excluding “type A”) include a small rotating ad’ as seen top right of the menu bar, linked to the main advert’. These ad’s rotate at random, on every page of the site and will all receive an equal share of views (rotation is controlled by an advertising management program which will – over a period – ensure equal exposure).

All advertisers (excluding “type A”) are (for the duration of the ad’), permanently featured on our “Local Business” Page.

There are 3 levels/types of advertisement available:

A: A permanent (bold) entry on our Local Contacts & Services page; to include minimal details (see page for examples) – and a link to your website (if applicable).

B: Rotating Ad’ plus a small, static, table-style advertisement listing your main business features, name and contact details (also a link to your website if applicable), on our Local Business page (See Dowdeswell Services ad’ for example).

C: Rotating Ad’ plus a link on our Local Business page to a full page ad’ detailing your business (and linking to your website, if applicable). These full-page ad’s can include your company logo/letterhead and a mixture of images/text to suit your requirements.
(See this ad’ and this ad’ for examples).


Ad' Type / Price PCM 6 Months
(Min' Period)
12 Months
36 Months
60 Months
Type A
(Permanent Ad') N/A N/A N/A
Type B
£10 pcm
£60.00 £110.00
(Save £10.00)
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(Save £80.00)
Type C
£25 pcm
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Advertising Orders / Enquiries:
Send order details and enquiries to or contact me (by ‘phone, snail-mail or in person).

Payments accepted by cash, cheque or (preferred) via Paypal to Advertising Details

Please read our Advertising Terms & Conditions, before placing your order.

Why This Website?

This site was launched in August 2007.
The advertising facility was added in September 2008; at which time the current traffic was around 4,000 hits per day, with a minimum of 500 new bookmarkers per month for the previous 6 months.

Not only is this site the home of the Kingsway Village Residents Assocation but the site author is involved with the RA, the Local Police Safer Community Team and several local Youth organisations.

Site members and contributors include numerous local Councillors, School Governors and local business people.

According to recent BBC figures, Quedgeley Parish has an (estimated) population of 12,000 with Kingsway expected to grow to 7,000 when building is finished. These figures don’t include Hardwicke, Copeland or surrounding villages like Haresfield etc.

We get regular visitors from all of these areas and from the local Waterwells Business Park and many other parts of Gloucestershire, so we are targetting a potential audience in excess of 20,000 local residents and business people, (a very conservative estimate), as well as having attracted a large audience of regular visitors from all over the world!

Helping The Community

At least 15% of all advertising revenue will be donated to the Kingsway Community via the Kingsway Village Residents Assocation.

Helping Your Business

The author/owner of this website has worked in Website Management & Marketing for more than 8 years and is considered something of an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (the art of getting high rankings in Search Engines), giving advice to aspiring SEO students and offering professional SEO services to some major online clients.
An ad’ on this website will get your business noticed by Google (and others).
Search Google (.com or .co.uk) for: Mike Dowdeswell (or Dowdeswell Services) and you’ll see what I mean.

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