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As promised (here), I am now offering free advertising for local businesses.

Free Local Business Advertisements

Advertisers are permitted to create a post for inclusion on the ‘blog to advertise their (local) business services.

Your business will also be listed on our Local Business Page, including a link from there to the advertisement/post, (so that it will be easily accessible, once it moves back in the timeline).

In addition, advertisers can take advantage of our free "Rotating Ad’s" service, which will give their business/advertisement far more exposure, (see details below).

Advertisers are expected to monitor the thread for comments which may require their response (many subscription services are available via the "Share/Save Button" beneath every post).

Advertisers are permitted (within reason & once a month max’) to add comments to their post to advertise updates/special-offers etc. (Your comment will appear in the list of “Recent Comments”- which most readers use to navigate the site, along with a link to your post).

Advertising T&C

In addition to our standard Advertising T&C, all advertising businesses must either be:

A. Based in Kingsway.
B. Based in Quedgeley, Hardwicke, Tuffley, Bristol Road, Hempstead, or the surrounding area(s), AND offering a service which is reasonably accessible to Kingsway Residents.
C. Based in or near Gloucestershire (for business facilities and attractions to which people would ordinarily be expecting to travel).

Please Note: I will disallow your post (and may remove your user/login) if I don’t consider that you comply with these rules, or if I think you are abusing the facility in any way.

Creating Your Advertisement

If you aren’t already a registered user, please register now.
Please Note: I am aware that some people are experiencing issues with registrations, (caused by my security provisions). If you have a problem, please contact me and I will get you set up.

I recommend you spend a few minutes browsing the blog before adding your post, so you can see how it works.
1. Log in and create your advertisement using the “Add A Post” facility.
2. Add your post to the “Local Business” category.
3. Use your business name as your post name.
4. Minimum copy requirements: At least 80 words please (unless you add an image, in which case you may use fewer words, but any wording included in your images may be re-created within the post).
5. Please don’t cut and paste your ad’ directly from the web into your post.
6. This is a Community Blog not a business directory. Please create a post for Kingsway (and local) residents to tell them about your business. Don’t forget to mention where it is, and please use a real name to sign your post so we know who to address if we want to comment/reply; (unless your real name is your username, in which case we’ll already know)!
7. You can save a draft copy and amend it at your leisure.
8. Once it’s ready just click "Publish". (Your post will then await moderation before being added to the site).

Adding Images

Please Note: All images are subject to the following maximum sizes: Width 500px: Height 600px: File Size 120KB:

Those of you who are familiar with WordPress should have no trouble uploading images for use in your post. If you need help or experience problems, please contact me.

Altering Advertisements

Advertisers can request changes to their original post by adding a comment to the Contact Us post/thread.


Any complaints and requests for clarification regarding removal of and/or editing of comments or advertisements must be posted in our Contact Us thread, or communicated to me by email.

Rotating Ad’s

Advertisers can request inclusion in our rotating ad’s service (see examples in the top/right toolbar section on every page, immediately below "Kingsway Village Community Blog – Notices:").

These ad’s are displayed on every page of the website and will be linked to the advertisement/post, hence offering far better visibility.

In order to qualify for a rotating ad’ you must add a permanent (followed) link from your business website to this one, and notify me once it is displayed (by adding a comment to the Contact Us post/thread, or by email).

Please check back here before you create your post (if you’re planning this in advance)… I have a habit of changing these rules from time-to-time.


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