Kingsway Videos

A collection of videos from, or about Kingsway, Glos’.

Kingsway Cycling Club

2nd Aug’ 2015

"Berney Billabongo" added this video of a Kingsway Cycling Club "Heading out in the sunshine in August."

Deathwish Cyclist

15th July 2015

"Pete Simmons" added this DashCam video of a cyclist not paying attention at Woodvale traffic lights!

Kingsway Chills

13th November 2013

"R.I.P Lil Snupe" added another video of the boys enjoying the Kinsgway (Big)Park… Nice 🙂

Kingsway Chilled Day

1st November 2013

Filmed in Kingsway, Quedgeley by "RedxReviver"… "with my mates Jack (Black blunt deck), Liam (Silver fasen deck)". Excellent video of the guys at the Kingsway (Big) Park… Very Chilled. 🙂

Dave Talbot: Kingsway Litter Pick

20th April 2013

Dave Talbot talks about the 2013 Kingsway Litter Pick… [Blog | Gallery]

Snow in Kingsway, Gloucester

18th-19th January 2013

Excellent video with scenes from all around Kingsway, in the snow.

The Towering Incinerator

13th September 2012

Glosvain campaign video demonstrating the immensity of the proposed incinerator. [Blog].

Kingsway Gloucester Asda Supermarket

2nd April 2012

CGI presentation of the proposed Asda Supermarket at Kingsway Park, Gloucester. (Great aerial views of Kingsway).

How do you feel about your community?

10th November 2011

Customers of Severn Vale Housing who live in Kingsway, Gloucestershire were asked how they feel about their community. Interesting stuff from “the early days”. [Doc’]

Karate World Freestylaz – Kingsway

5th July 2009

John Hayward, Tom Coole, Wayne Goldsmith and Karate World’s Chief Instructor Remi Ashton Performing At Kingsway.

If you know of any more Kingsway-related videos, please let me know (HERE).

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