Road Adoption & Neglect from Builders

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Hi everyone. This is my first post on here and thought I’d begin by attaching an email I have just sent to Taylor Wimpey regarding the state of Chivenor Way and its street lights. Hopefully others will see this and suggest what WE can do to get this, (what I see as total neglect from the builders), sorted out.

GCC were also copied, but all they will say is that it’s the builders responsibility as the road is not adopted.
The way I see it is this: GCC take your council tax for ten years, but have no responsibility for the upkeep of your community because that responsibility is put upon the builder who built your house. However, no one is pressuring the builder to do anything about the community so once again, stuck in the middle is the consumer, with nothing to do other than complain.

Here is the email, sent 10/01/2018:

Good Morning,

It must be at least four months since I last contacted you regarding the road conditions in Chivenor Way, Kingsway and still the road is not in an adoptable condition. I have been writing to you for around four years concerning street lighting, hence my frustration.

Since our last communication, you have sent a gang out to attempt to get the road into an adoptable condition and I must say they really have done the minimum amount of work to get the job done!

The three year plus farce of getting the double lamp post replaced has finally been completed, even though the huge concrete lump which used to hold up the temporary street light has been left behind and probably will be there for another three years?

The contractors even replaced the steel frame around the broken tree, but did not replace the tree, so now we have a steel frame around.. NOTHING!  Well done guys!

On top of this there are broken bollards which have not been replaced and still many street lights that don’t work, some of which probably haven’t worked for three years.

I am now beyond my wit’s end and my patience has run out with Taylor Wimpey. You clearly feel no obligation to carry out what you are obliged to do and there is obviously no-one putting any pressure on you to do so. I am considering ways of getting this raised publicly and will start with the Kingsway community association at their next meeting. I know there are other roads in Kingsway that are in a similar state and others who are as annoyed about the situation as I am.


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