BBC comes to Kingsway

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Kingsway Village was featured in Yesterdays news from BBC Points West.

BBC video journalist Tom Burridge contacted me to talk about the Residents Association and this website and asked if I would be willing to show him around Kingsway and introduce him to some of the local residents.

Following a recent study showing that "traditional community life is under threat", the BBC national news did a feature about the breakdown in community spirit in the UK as a whole, and BBC Points West were keen to feature Kingsway as an example of a new west country community with a difference, bucking the national trend by the formation of a (new) Residents Association and our willingness to create a sense of community in the area.

Tom accompanied me as I walked over to pick Phoenix up from school, interviewing several parents at the School itself, and we then spent some time in the small park as Tom interviewed me whilst Phoenix enjoyed herself.

As is typical in these situations, the 15 minute interview resulted in approximately 5 seconds of actual footage following the BBC News and – just my luck – they had to pick my most tongue-tied moment 😆

You can see the full broadcast – here.

(Note to self: "bunches"??? idiot! "waves" isn’t that difficult of a word) 😳

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