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Friday, December 18th, 2009

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the lack of activity on here lately. Angelina (my wife) has been really ill since early October and has only just started back to work. I’ve been a little "below par" for some time now, having been awaiting a hospital procedure since March, which I had early last week. It hurt too šŸ˜„ – and it took me a while to recover fully (Thanks Karen for helping out with Phoenix’ school pick-ups during that week) šŸ™‚

Anyway… a combination of nursing, childminding, housework, laying-around-groaning, a new (work) project, local meetings (Residents Association / Police SCT ) etc, have conspired to keep me really busy / preoccupied, and spoiled my plans to update the website.

And now (to add insult to injury), 3rd-party software problems have created issues with my Submissions Form, so it’s not possible to submit articles at the moment šŸ™
The same software issue has caused some problems with site display – my apologies to those of you who are seeing a slightly "broken" version of the site right now. If you’re in Internet Explorer 8, the “compatibility view” button next to the site address bar at the top of the window (looks like a broken page), may help a little!

Also – my apologies to those who have sent in articles by email. They will be added soon šŸ˜³

I’m working on it all, but – due to everything else (and Christmas preparations to boot) – it may take a "few days" šŸ™„

Meanwhile, I hope everyone else is having a good time… and I would like to wish a – very belated – Happy Birthday to Baz_k (for December 10th), and – to all of you – a Merry Christmas (may as well do one thing ahead of time this month/year) šŸ˜„

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