Where are the Trees?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

I moved to Kingsway almost four years ago living in Marham Drive. I had a lovely view looking over the largest pond in Marham Drive and a Great view of Robinswood Hill and the surrounding hills and valleys. A lot of that view has now been replaced by recent building and new homes. I didn’t mind this too much as it was expected and I knew there would be homes there sometime.

I now wake up today only to see that some bright spark has decided to cut down all the trees and hedging that provided a lovely screen between Marham Drive and Tuffley. I now have a beautiful line of sight right into other peoples back gardens and windows with their broken down sheds and dirty greenhouses. I am sure the people living in these houses would rather we couldn’t look into their homes too.

Who is responsible for this scarring of the local area? Why have trees been planted around the pond only to cut twice as many down a few months later. I don’t mind a road linking Kingsway with Tuffley but did we really want this ugly view into all of the back gardens belonging to our neighbours. I am very disappointed. Now when I look out of my window and see that the once tranquil natural view has been replaced with old sheds and messy back gardens I would rather just close my curtains again.

I would like to extend my thanks to whoever decided to do this. At least now we will be able to see the Tuffley residents that have huge street arguments during the early hours of the morning instead of just hearing them. Yet another very poor decision taken by the powers that be. I knew trees lose their leaves at this time of year but for whole trees to disappear that’s just wrong.

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    You may have seen in yesterday’s paper where I have been able to highlight the issue from our side of the Brook!

    Hi Wayofthekings

    The RA will be considering this at the next meeting becasue I believe in not just objecting, but putting proposals for rectification forward too. However at the AGM, QUVL told us that they have already written to the EA on 2 of the grounds.

    I have also had contact with our City Councillor Fred Wood, who responded to an article I wrote expressing my disgust at the work that has been carried out. He has sent me a “newsletter” which I will post up here explaining what the future plan is.


    Deforestation adjacent to Daniel’s Brook

    Can the Residents Association please formally write to the City Council with a CC to QUVL and the regional EA office to convey resident concerns about the absence of consultation and the destruction of habitat?

    Their response should set out, in detail, the full nature, extent and timing of tree planting programme and any other measures to restore the natural habitat, not least the confidence of local people.

    I am also a resident of Marham Drive with a lovely view of trees, bushes and lots of wildlife. I came home one day to find a huge vast open space, I stood in disbelief, just couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew nothing about this recent work to take down most of the trees and bushes. I understand it’s to prevent flooding but what a surprise. I feel we are now overlooked and have no privacy which we once had. Disappointed resident.

    Im not sure how a 12 foot high wall will help with the flooding prevention but I find your comment very funny and thank you for making my night. I am still laughing as I write this. Thank you for the information I did wonder if it was marked for more homes to be built. Perhaps I should attend the AGM from time to time maybe then I will be better informed.

    I do agree with you, I live in Tuffley and find now the trees have been cut down I can see Houses in Kingsway which were once screened by trees and bushes. These have been cut down to enable the strart of flood prevention work. I do also agree with with noise you can hear because we hear the noise from the houses in Kingsway as well. But new trees will be planted and hopefully a 12 foot high wall.

    If I understand where you mean, I believe this was discussed at the AGM held on Tuesday 22nd. As I understand it, work is being conducted to help reduce the risk of flooding. It is a shame to see the trees being cut down, but once the work is completed new trees etc will be planted.

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