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Saturday, February 8th, 2014

To everyone who pays their water rates to Seven Trent please be aware on your new bills there will be a charge for surface water off your roofs going into the main sewers.

My advice to all those customers, DO NOT pay this charge! Why? Because (if you live in Kingsway), all the surface water off of your roof in goes into the down spout, and then into the ground via soakaways.

We have never paid this charge before but Seven Trent has come up with the lame excuse that because some off the sewers have now been adopted by the council, they can justify this charge.

I have just sent our claim form with two pictures attached showing the soak aways on our property, back to them for our rebate.



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    Hi Tog,

    Thanks very much for this post 🙂

    There’s more information about this subject in a previous post/discussion we had in 2009: Water Rates – Reduction (Link). It includes contact details for Severn Trent and a link to download a leaflet to claim a refund.

    The leaflet includes this:

    "If your wastewater drains into a cesspit, septic tank or a private sewer system, and surface water drains to a soakaway or similar, you should not be charged for any sewerage service. If you feel this applies to your property call us on 08457 500 500 and we will investigate further."

    There was also a discussion following the post, and during that discussion “holbeach miserable” said:

    "I recently submitted a claim to Severn Trent Water for a water drainage service charge. (I didnt know if i was entitled to it or not!)
    Anyway, last week I got a reply from STW saying that I was due a refund of £170, as the local roads have not been adopted."

    I replied:

    "Are you sure it mentioned “Roads not adopted”? I can’t think why that would make a difference (AFAIK you pay rates even if you’re on totally private property, so I don’t see why non-adopted roads would make a difference)!

    He didn’t reply… But having re-read Severn Trent’s article about surface water drainage (here), I see that they say:

    "For some customers, surface water or groundwater may not drain into the public sewer. If you are in this category you may be able to claim for a reduction…"

    So it seems that Severn Trent gave us this rebate/reduction because the local water didn’t drain into a public sewer, but they assume that – after adoption, it will.

    I am woefully ignorant on this subject, so I am very interested to hear what reply you get to your claim form… Please let us know.


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