Therapeutic Canine Massage

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

I am a Canine Massage Therapist and owner of Dogs Health Canine Massage Therapy, based in Quedgeley.

I help to rehabilitate soft tissue and muscular injuries AND I also help support common orthopaedic conditions like Arthritis. Improvements in a dogs mobility, pain management and activity levels are often achieved when a dog has between just 1-3 sessions of this results-driven physical therapy.

I help a range of dogs, from young active and sporting dogs recovering from lameness to middle-aged dogs that are slowing down or seem stiff and old before their time. I work a lot with Senior and Arthritic dogs for Pain Management and those with other Orthopaedic and Neurological conditions. It’s a really effective form of pain management and after massage most owners report their dog:

  • Has no pain or it has significantly reduced
  • They aren’t lame or stiff anymore
  • That they are coping better with their Arthritic pain
  • And they are generally happier and enjoying life again

I’ve trained for 2 Years with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre and I am a member of the Professional Association the Canine Massage Guild.

So if your dog or someone’s you know is slowing down, stiff, in pain, lame, or generally having problems with their mobility and health, give me a call or visit my website for more details at: Dogs Health Canine Massage Therapy.

Dogs Health Canine Massage Therapy respect and acknowledge the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 1962 and always seek veterinary consent prior to any treatment.

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    Hi Ewa,

    Sorry it took me a few days to approve your post as I was away on Holiday (I don’t like to broadcast when I’m going, for obvious reasons) 😉

    Sounds like an interesting business 🙂

    I have a relative in Gloucester who’s dog could use your help; I will tell him all about you next time I see him.

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