The New Car Crime

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Recently the local police and the Neighbourhood Watch in our area have been reporting – believe it or not: Thefts of catalytic converters from parked cars and vans!

It comes as no surprise that this has happened what with the price of precious metal nowadays. Many people don’t realise that a catalytic converter uses platinum rhodium and palladium inside the unit to filter the gases the car produces. All of these are precious metals and worth quite a bit in the scrap metal market.

Now I am not a mechanic but I do work in the electronics industry and know that gold is used on circuit boards because of its good conductive properties. I recently found out that one ton of gold ore on average will produce one gram of gold. Where one ton of mobile phones will produce five grams of gold. So it is easy to see why so many companies are offering just pence for your old mobile. They know which ones contain the most gold so it is not based on the value of the phone but the value of the gold it contains.

The recent thefts of catalytic converters have hit the local news and will surely give the criminals in Gloucester ideas. I would like this posted here on the Kingsway Villager’s site for all to see so we can be on our guard. Cars in Kingsway have recently been hit by vandalism (please see broken mirrors post by aleksuu), and some have been broken into with things being stolen, but it seems now things are being stolen from underneath our cars too. I would also like to add that the recent theft from a car in Marham Drive where a handbag was taken. If the person responsible reads this please note you may have been caught dumping the handbag on CCTV when it was discovered nothing of value was inside; you made the mistake of dumping it in full view of our cameras.

Thieves operating in Kingsway are being watched and will be caught I’m sure.

For residents living in Marham Drive, you can contact our neighbourhood watch representative Debbie Lailey at e-mail:  to report or find out about law breakers in our area. I am sure Debbie won’t mind me placing these details on here.

MS PC Repairs would like to also state that law breakers will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Police and any suspicious behaviour caught on our cameras will be forwarded to the appropriate organisations. We are sure all residents living in Kingsway will feel the same and we should all be vigilant and keep an eye out for each other making Kingsway a no crime place to live.

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    Good Morning,

    Like yourself, we have equally installed numerous day/night vision CCTV cameras throughout our home (inside & out) they have proved themselves invaluable beyond the security system too knowing they are monitored 24/7. We have encountered repeated ASB, and our previous car damaged twice within a short time period of each incident whilst on our driveway before having the complete system installed. The police have recognised the importance and it’s advanced ability after viewing recently – indicating the benefits of having access to the evidence this can provide if required.

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