Small Collision: Thatcham Avenue / Rudloe Drive

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Nice little start to my afternoon, car hit by a lorry at the junction of Thatcham Avenue/Rudloe Drive.

I had gone through the thinned out part of the road (I don’t know the correct name for it, but is it there for traffic calming?) on Thatcham waiting to turn left onto Rudloe. Had a car in front of me which was also blocked whilst wanting to turn left. A lorry came from Rudloe turning right onto Thatcham, so the car in front and myself edged forward to give more room to the driver of the lorry, then as he passed me the rear of his lorry clipped the rear of my car leaving me with nice scratches and a damaged bumper. Insurance details were swapped and damage inspected (only my car) before we went on our merry way.

Now does anyone else (or is it quite possibly only me) think that the junction on Thatcham and Rudloe is stupid? OK not the actual junction, but the “traffic calming” whatever the correct term is; they are too close together, there is no definition on who gives way from either side, and the one on Rudloe Drive makes turning into Thatcham Avenue difficult if there are a lot of cars about. When driving from Thatcham to Rudloe which I do quite often each day, I always give way to oncoming cars, because I would rather be safe than sorry, not all drivers are like this, some just assume they can go through them. So today in waiting (I was stationary when hit) to let someone else through I got hit!

Just wanted to share in case anyone else thought the same about the road layout as me and if there is a possible way to get it changed!

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    I am so glad it’s not just me then that thinks the layout is dangerous and stupid. I am still waiting to get my car back from repair, there wasn’t a lot of damage, but it couldn’t be left. Just hoping I can re-coup the full cost of the repair from the insurance company.

    I do the same I always give way because I don’t know who should be giving way. This could be a problem if I meet hank coming the other way we would both be sitting there looking at each other for ages. Sorry about the joke but lets face it the road layout is a joke.

    This is one of many strange junctions and traffic calming needs requested by the Council. No notice of practicality when designing the roads.

    Yes I too find this layout very strange, the chicanes (my best guess as to what to call them!) just seem too close to the junction so it makes it difficult for cars to know what’s going on, that combined with not having any priority signs up, I too generally let cars through to avoid someone steaming for a head on collision!

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