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Friday, November 16th, 2012

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for the lovely words posted about Kingsway Primary School! As the Headteacher of the school I am delighted that many of you speak so warmly about us and would like to offer some help for those of you new to this area and a bit confused by what we offer:
Kingsway Primary School works together with your local cluster schools (Beech Green, Meadowside, Hardwicke, Longney, Haresfield, Field Court Infants, Field Court Juniors and Severn Vale) under a working partnership called Quedgeley Learning Community (QLC). The second Kingsway Primary School has been invited to join this partnership also. Together we have pledged to ensure ALL schools in the area are the best they can be and that ALL pupils get the opportunities they deserve. We have pledged to not compete against each other to the detriment of any school and that by offering a complementary range of activities across the network, we offer strength in numbers. Indeed we share opportunities so if I put on an event, I invite other pupils from across the cluster to attend and so do the rest of the schools. For example this term we have a Gifted and Talented Art Workshop run by Severn Vale’s Art department, an Arts Festival during the summer and previously undertook a large scale Olympics for over 400 pupils from all the schools.
There are no schools in your local cluster who Ofsted does not rate and none of us are in Special Measures or Requires Improvement – quite a feat if you look around elsewhere. Indeed, the majority of us our rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.
Under the new Ofsted framework we get only 12 hours notice of inspection. So when we were Ofsteded on 10th and 11th October 2012, we were rang at 12.15pm for an inspection that started at 8am the next day. Gone are the days of being able to ‘perform’ on one day and be less than perfect the rest of the time! In our inspection, evidence of achievement was traced back to 2010 and was extremely rigorous. We achieved ‘good with outstanding features’ in ALL areas and are so proud of achieving this in only FOUR years.
I count myself fortunate to be the Headteacher of such a vibrant successful school and I would urge any prospective parent to make a tour to any school to have a look – you won’t be disappointed in any of us. We are all different but we are all something I hope residents will continue to be proud of for many years to come.
Good schools usually increase house prices, attract residents seeking a successful community and therefore stabilise the area enormously. I think we should be a very proud community because our success is your success too.

With every best wish,

Mrs Needham

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    What is your problem with Social Housing residents?


    “I tried to attach links to the Hardwicke / Fieldcourt Infants School Ofsted reports, but there is also Harewood Infant School, all currently hold Outstanding Reports (found via the schools websites) – but my post was held for moderation, understandably, because of these links.”

    I don’t have any posts/comments awaiting moderation from you and I haven’t deleted any; perhaps you hit the wrong button by accident!

    Edit: Poppy replied to my first question; her comment was deleted and she has been banned from the website.

    I take a great interest in the school and the wider community of Kingsway and Quedgeley. I have read the latest Ofsted report as well as previous reports for Kingsway. Not only this, but I have visited the school many times, spoken to teachers, other pupils and their parents to form my own opinion. Kingsway school is a great school and great things are being done there. It’s not in the highest Ofsted category, but I certainly feel the team within the school are making steps to get it there. I certainly have every faith in the ability of the team running the school and am delighted my Son attends. He is also very happy to be there and is flourishing in the Kingsway school environment.

    I’m certainly not sure why the police car being outside the school is being discussed in reference to the ‘incident’ that has been described involving a single Mum. That particular incident has no reflection on the School, apart from the way that it was sensitively and appropriately handled by the Head teacher. Incidents involving citizens that are having a tough / difficult time occur and exist in all walks of life and areas within the country.


    Firstly, please don’t patronise me by referring to me as “sweetie”. If you we’re aware of these “outstanding” reports your posts certainly didn’t make it clear. In fact:

    “Severnvale is the best performing school in Gloucester – I know. I have checked the Ofsted website and there are no schools with Outstanding results serving Kingsway except for Meadowside.”

    Meadowside actually has a “good” status, and you happily refer to Severnvale as a “Kingsway Serving School” (which in previous posts have mentioned your daughter walking here). Seriously, you’re unable to walk to the other side of Quedgeley? Have you ever heard of a thing called a bike? I’d walk to the other side of Gloucester, if it was in the best interests of my children.

    Secondly, I don’t generally include “feeding trolls” as a pastime, but I entered this discussion offering advice to someone who I genuinely thought needed it. Who said anything about you arguing with people from Affordable Housing? You know nothing of any of our housing status, which comes back to your sweeping, generalising and judgemental comments.

    Mrs Needham has offered you the option to talk to her face to face, perhaps you could run “your reliable source” past her at the time.

    At the end of the day it’s not a case of “rose tinted glasses”, we’ve lived here 6 and a half years, we’re happy, our children are happy, I’ve never encountered any problems, I don’t recall promoting Kingsway as an ideal place, simply pointing out that your views and arguments are actually totally flawed.

    flumper, I tried to attach links to the Hardwicke / Fieldcourt Infants School Ofsted reports, but there is also Harewood Infant School, all currently hold Outstanding Reports (found via the schools websites) – but my post was held for moderation, understandably, because of these links.

    Yes I know those are good – outstanding schools sweetie, but they are not within acceptable walking distance of our home in Kingsway, a shame really but there you go. I rather liked the Meadowside Primary School, seemed just the right kind of classroom atmosphere I had been seeking for my little one, but it’s just too far for us to walk. Problem is nowadays seems only the well off parents can send their children to good schools, as the properties in the catchment areas for the good schools tend to be much higher priced! Blame Cameron!

    The Crypt Grammar school for boys does indeed have an outstanding Ofsted – but then it is a selective school; as for Ribston Hall for girls, another selective school (my daughter’s current school).
    I know there was an incident at the Kingsway Primary School last Monday involving a young single parent mother at the school – she arrived during the school day asking for her children, but she was advised that her children had not been in school that day, at which point she started “kicking off” – seems her children had not been with her over the weekend, and some already been taken into care. Info from a reliable source – a pity Mrs Needham did not wish to confirm this, since it does bare a reflection on some of the families attending the school.
    Indeed I have applied for a place for my little one at Kingsway Primary – although after reading the very latest OFSTED report I am reconsidering my decision.
    I would urge you all to read the latest Ofsted report online – it is a PDF document and will require adobe reader, windows media or similar to open the file – I find adobe works best. The attainment levels are deemed to be way below the national average.
    Sorry if I come across as ‘arguing’, I certainly am not about to argue with any affordable housing residents – but I do like to put my views forward when my posts are put into question. It would seem a lot of residents are keen to promote Kingsway as an ideal place to be, but it simply isn’t. Rose tinted spectacles comes to mind here.


    Forgive me but I can’t see what your argument is about, you are clearly complaining about the ofsted report of Kingsway School (and quite possibly surrounding schools) yet you have already made the decision to send you child there in September 2013! You asked for advice on schools around the Kingsway area and some of us have answered your original question by giving you information based on our own experiences with our childrens’s schools, with not a note of thanks from you.

    You quote the following:

    “This school is a comparatively new one and opened in 2008. It serves a large new housing estate with approximately 50% social housing.
    The area has recently been recognised as an area of high social deprivation”.

    Well the above statement could apply to almost anywhere in the UK at this moment in time. All new build developments have between 25-50% Social Housing.

    It seems like it is a bit of a moot argument you are putting across as you have already applied for you child to attend Kingsway.

    Dear all,

    Police cars at Kingsway Primary School

    Thought I should clarify this one as this is most certainly a case of jumping to the wrong conclusion! Let me explain a bit more:

    As a school, we have a really healthy and productive relationship with our local Police. Yes they are at the school a lot but that is because they want to be involved in our work and will do so as often as they can. Sometimes planned; sometimes not planned. It all depends on their current commitments. We also have a Police Inspector as a Governor and they have come in to talk about their work with the pupils. If on duty, they are in their cars. The Police also conduct Drug Education in Gloucestershire as well as education about cyber bullying etc so part of their presence is to fulfil the PSHE curriculum available to all schools.

    They Police often drop in if they are in the area and usually do so in their cars. Funnily enough our parents also asked me why they were always at the school and I was happy to put the record straight. It became a bit of a standing joke! Indeed I did ask them to avoid their ‘riot van’ as their means of transport for that very reason. I can only imagine what you all thought!

    The pupils now recognise the local officers because they take the time to call in and to spend time saying ‘hello’. They also run one of our clubs – PUMAS – which is a community action group of Year 5/6 pupils. I think this strong relationship between the pupils and local police strengthens that community responsibility.

    Finally, I am always happy to answer any questions about the school face to face. Please do ask.

    Best wishes,

    Mrs Needham

    I think your find the Crypt school has an OFSTED rating of Outstanding too!


    Apologies for coming across as “childish”, however it would appear I’m not the first to form this opinion of you:

    “I think this post is total BS, I suspect the topic starter is just a troll trying to start a heated discussion here. Wouldn’t surprise me if this person has a grievance against Kingsway, perhaps its somebody from the Citizen. Bet this person doesn’t even live here.”

    At the end of the day, you asked for advice and certainly were given some excellent comments, yet have chosen to ignore all of them.

    Personally I find your judgemental and sweeping comments about the local residents not overly intelligent. Your comments about your neighbours on a public website, isn’t the cleverest way of having a quiet life. Should they take the time to read them, I’m sure they’d be able to put two and two together.

    Maybe you are a “half full kind of person”. There may well be 50% Social Housing, I don’t care about the figures, that leaves the other 50%! However, I know for sure that doesn’t correspond to families with “social issues”. There can be many factors for requiring housing support, especially in the present economic times. Likewise, just because you own your own house, doesn’t make you any better than the next.

    You quite often find that children with higher requirements, are given statements to be given support in the classroom. There are a couple in my child’s class, for various reasons, which surely is only beneficial to my child too, as he has 4 people in his classroom, rather than two.

    I’ve taken the time to attach the following links:
    Ofsted report (Fieldcourt Infants School).
    Ofsted report (Hardwicke Primary).

    You seem to think these represent a good school? Previous comments have said this is not the case, but should be used as a guide. Have you been to look around the schools to get a personal feel for them?

    You had your concerns before you moved here, yet made the informed decision to move anyway, unfortunately you now have to live with this decision that you so clearly are not happy with. You live, you learn and you need to make the best of the situation.

    This school is a comparatively new one and opened in 2008. It serves a large new housing estate with approximately 50% Social Housing. The area has recently been recognised as an area of high social deprivation.

    Statements from the recent OFSTED report for Kingsway Primary School – now this is not an ideal choice of primary school for a new reception place, but right now, the stark reality is that Kingsway Primary probably is one of the ‘best’ schools serving Kingsway.

    Severnvale is the best performing school in Gloucester – I know, I have checked the Ofsted website and there are no schools with Outstanding results serving Kingsway except for Meadowside. The Ofsted for Kingsway stated the fact that there was a high proportion of first time teachers fresh out of teacher training, and suggested that this was not good.
    There have been a lot of interim assessments for a lot of the Primary Schools in the area. Children from disadvantaged homes, or those with social issues, tend to require more attention during the school day, reducing the amount of time teachers can give to the more stable pupils. So I think it may affect teaching standards overall. It is an unfortunate fact that the police cars outside the primary school had been called out to an incident when a young single parent with a history of social issues started causing trouble at the school; it was Mrs Needham who had to face the troubled parent.
    And really to resort to name calling seems somewhat childish – no intelligent way to put your views across.

    Lou Lou,

    I don’t think your comments are harsh it’s an honest reply to Poppy’s previous posts. I totally agree with you Lou Lou… Poppy needs to do some research before commenting on a particular website about something it seems she knows little about other than anecdotal evidence and possibly listening to gossip.
    Kingsway is nowhere near one of the areas in the country with the lowest property prices and if it was does it really matter other than someone making judgements about a particular area? Small mindedness comes to mind, if one believes the following after this comment:

    "eldest daughter’s teacher (John Cabot Academy, Bristol) who advised us that there were ‘NO GOOD SCHOOLS IN GLOUCESTER’. "

    Well Poppy this easily influenced and believe anything! Judgmental comes to mind when you state the following:

    "I noticed a series of police cars parked outside Kingsway Primary at home time – something I would not wish my child to witness if she were attending the school. One cannot deny that many residents of Kingsway do have serious social issues and thus not ideal foundations for an ‘outstanding’ school."

    The police cars could have been doing some educational work at the school, or as Lou says ‘hands on or as a deterrent’. I’m not sure about the link with serious social issues as to do with the school …presumptions yet again I’m afraid!

    I just shake my head in disbelief how some folk think they are informed when it’s clear from their comments they are totally uninformed.

    Ahh well ignorance is bliss!

    I’ve changed the record to: (link)!

    Flumper, I think you may be right. x

    Lou Lou

    We have lived in Kingsway from the start and have followed this website from the beginning.

    Reading through some of Poppy’s posts, for which there have been a few, I have come to the conclusion that she is nothing more than a troll. Five people took the time and effort to reply to her previous post asking for advice on local primary schools, yet this is her only response. Perhaps a “thanks” wouldn’t have gone amiss. At this present time her opinions on the local residents just about sums up my opinions of her…

    Perhaps if she spent as much time as she has spent slating Kingsway when she made the decision to downsize and relocate here, she wouldn’t be in this predicament…

    A little more research in the Ofsted reports of the local schools would have informed her there multiple schools with Outstanding reports – highlighting just how much she knows.

    Like you, I don’t want to come across as harsh, just change the record!

    Firstly to Mrs Needham,

    Thank you for your informative post re: Kingsway School; were it not for the fact that my children are already in Beech Green, Kingsway would definitely be first on my list for choosing a school (the only reason my children don’t attend Kingsway is that when we moved here there was no pre-school for Kingsway at the time whilst there was at Beech Green). I don’t honestly think you can sell your school more, like I have mentioned in a previous post, I have never heard anything negative about the schools surrounding Kingsway.

    Secondly to Poppy,

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I fear you have offended me and quite possibly some residents of Kingsway. It is quite wrong and unprofessional for a former teacher to say there are “NO” good schools in Gloucester as that is completely wrong. From what you have written above I think you maybe have too high a standard for what you expect from a school. You could live in the worst place in the country but they could have the best school in the world or you could find you live in the best place but have a school which does not perform.

    ALL the schools surrounding Kingsway are as stated by Mrs Needham, doing well, not one of them are placed on special measures, this includes the senior schools. In fact I attended an open evening for Severn Vale recently and was very impressed with what I saw, I don’t think I could find a better school for my child.

    I would rather my child’s school have a rating of Satisfactory which means they can put the hard work in to gain a “Good” assessment than a school who has an “outstanding” assessment and who could be struggling to keep it. This does not mean that I don’t want the best for my child, far from it. When you put your child into a school you have gut instinct, if the school is not ticking all the boxes, I believe you can remove your child and place them elsewhere.

    To say some residents have serious social issues has nothing whatsoever to do with the school and how the children are taught.

    As for saying that Kingsway is one of the lowest priced developments in the country, I suggest you research houses in the north of this country (Rochdale, Liverpool, Newcastle for example), new and old builds, I think you will find similar sized houses for a lot less than what you pay here.

    I too see the police car outside Kingsway School on my way home in the afternoon, it’s not a bad thing, I think I would rather see a police car than not see one and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are there as a deterrent or that there has been some crime taking place, maybe they are there in a formal capacity or they just like to be seen as hands on in “the village”.

    I apologise if this comes across as quite a harsh reply to your post, but I have lived here now for 3 years and the constant bashing of Kingsway really does get tiresome. It is a decent enough place to live, people here are trying their best to make it a nice community, there is a good school and amenities surrounding us, if you like I could take you to a place where I used to live and you can see the Police raid the civillian homes each week trying to catch the drug dealers, or I could show you the Tesco Express where my friend was held hostage during a robbery, or I could take you to the local pub’ (situated next to the school and nursery) where all the alcoholics would congregate at opening time. As far as I am aware non of those things have happened here.

    This post is very helpful to me. As a soon to be primary school parent in Kingsway – I have actually put Kingsway Primary School down as my first and only choice for a school place for my three year old.
    Is Kingsway listed as a ‘good’ school? It doesn’t seem to be published on the OFSTED website. It would be fantastic if house prices increased in Kingsway, pathing the way for more desirable residents/home owners. Unfortunately current house prices in Kingsway are some of the lowest in the country, particularly for new builds, I can’t find them cheaper anywhere else. As a new resident, I was concerned, and hoped that the house prices were not a reflection of the schools in the area, especially since OFSTED reports listed all local schools as Satisfactory (with the exception of Meadowside). It was actually my eldest daughter’s teacher (John Cabot Academy, Bristol) who advised us that there were “no good schools in Gloucester”; she was referring to secondary schools. That and negative comments from our new neighbours about Kingsway Primary did not bode too well for our hopes of securing a decent school place for our pre-school child.
    It did not alleviate my concerns when as recent as last week, I noticed a series of Police Cars parked outside Kingsway Primary at home time; something I would not wish my child to witness if she were attending the school. One cannot deny that many residents of Kingsway do have serious social issues and thus not ideal foundations for an ‘outstanding’ school.
    Let’s just hope that Kingsway Primary School does indeed improve and I for one am looking forward to an Outstanding Ofsted report… Hopefully one day!

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