Rubbish Collection Service for Fly Tippers

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Friday, another refuse collection day. Green bin and recycling bin duly left out on the pavement for The Council to collect.

I got home at lunchtime to find that some inconsiderate (expletive deleted) had decided to dump 4 carrier bags of rubbish – not all recyclable by the looks of it – in the emptied green box. (This was obviously after it had been emptied as the dustbin men leave the lid under the box once they’ve taken away the contents).

I’ve had similar things happen in the past and on the first occasion just decided to add the waste to my own collection, but enough is enough; this time I phoned The Council.

They’re not only sending someone to collect the rubbish but, as this is considered fly-tipping, they’ll go through it to see whether they can track down the perpetrator – it must be someone local.

Let’s hope the selfish person who decided to leave their problem rubbish for someone else to deal with has left a receipt or envelope inside the carrier bags, so that The Council can track them down and prosecute them.

Obviously it’s impossible to watch over your rubbish until it’s collected, especially when most of us have to go to work, but this really is anti-social behaviour of the “I’m alright, Jack” variety. (Good job I’m a firm believer of “what goes around, comes around”).

Postscript (Saturday): The Council failed to act yesterday, which meant that overnight someone – probably kids – threw one of the bags of rubbish against the front door!

I’ve reported the incident to The Police, who will now be alert to people walking round Kingsway with bags of rubbish on collection days, and will get back to The Council with a further complaint.

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    Well… if you think that’s complete tosh: As is known by most – we have installed high-tech security CCTV/Alarm System throughout our property due to those of concern within our street. Two weeks ago today, and from another incident caused by recycling agents arriving into the street. We have been receiving disgraceful behaviour via certain agents as they approach the house – such as hand/fingered gestures, calling-out that they are on camera, challenging the cameras being in-place and how they operate (recording them) etc. At the same time as this behaviour was taking place, and in the background view from the recordings – we noted the repeated difficulties the collection vehicles have every week in their constant struggle to enter/exit the street, and in doing so they smashed into the streets name plate causing damage. Regardless, they continued their collections and made their exit of the street without recording their accident in any form. I had to supply a copy of the recording before it was accepted that such actions had taken place!


    VGresident – what complete tosh. The Council IS responsible for litter collection and incidents of this nature. I am getting a bit sick of the rise in numbers of The Council fobbing everything off just because it has Kingsway in the title. Could you possibly send me the original email you sent and I can try to chase it up and get some resolution?



    Hoops jump, we dont care. £’s we got yours… Take number plates… Never ending echo!

    Thanks for this – it’s a useful address to have. However, I did eventually hear back from the Council. It was more or less a one-liner that said, as Kingsway hadn’t yet been adopted by the Council, there was nothing they could do about the situation, other than refer the matter to QUVL.

    Odd… there was me thinking we paid our council taxes to the Council so that they could manage, inter alia, waste collection. Hmmmm.

    This has been a problem for some time… We understand completely your frustrations too. I am not sure if you already have it or not but I have previously made available Mr Shield’s email address at Gloucester City Council – he is directorate level for environmental & waste control…

    He is very helpful when having matters addressed!

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