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Thursday, April 7th, 2011

I have notice over the last two weeks there seems to be a lot of local fly tipping, and walkways are filled with household (bulk) rubbish.

My lawnmower broke down this weekend, and I ‘phoned GCC to arrange collections, receiving a message saying that this service is now being charged for, and have your credit/debit card handy!
I was surprised as I have had no notice to say this service is now being charged for.

Many people have no car to go to the tip to dispose of bulky items.
It seems to be encouraging fly tipping.
So Much for this Village being Green.

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    Cllr Julian Powell
    May 4, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    If you see fly tipped stuff in the road, report it to the City and they will arrange to get collected.
    The number is 396396. Or online – go here.

    You will need to give your name, home address, and where the fly tipping is. Take a note of the date time and incident reference number when you make the complaint, so it can be chased it up if the tipped stuff is not removed.

    Since the travellers site in Naas Lane was abandoned there has been a lot of fly tipping there, especially up in the walled-in plots where the caravans used to be. Several fridges appeared the other day, and another three piece suite. Stroud District Council is responsible for clearing flytipping on the road, the other side of the railway bridge, but I hear they will only deal with stuff on the travellers site if it is dangerous. Phone 01453 754403 or online – go here.

    Did notice on the Council website that if you claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit then it’s only £12 (additional items £4).

    Hi Mitzi,

    My wife mentioned this the other day too.

    In fairness, the charge applies throughout Gloucestershire, so Kingsway is in the same boat as everyone else, but – what a silly thing for the local Council to do!
    (Their stock answer will of course be that if they didn’t do this they would have to take money from other local services in order to fund it).

    Of course this will encourage fly-tipping, which will not only result in added expense for the Council (who will ultimately have to clear it), but will inconvenience other local residents, detract from our quality of life and spoil the environment.

    It seems like our local Council are dead-set on saving money, no matter what the cost to the community!

    Take a look at their website for more information on their Bulky Collection Service, where they say:

    Each household in the city can have up to 3 items removed, for a charge of £24 (additional items £8).


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