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Friday, January 13th, 2012

I would like to make the Kingsway community aware that reports of a rogue trader have come to our attention in recent weeks. A few people have mentioned about someone taking their computer away for repair and later returning and telling them it can’t be repaired. Some of these people have in my opinion been conned into selling the item for a few pounds. After hearing about the faults with one person’s laptop it is clear this was an easy fix and would not have cost much at all to rectify. One person was told that her Nintendo DS was not repairable and this was never returned to her. I am sure this is theft even if it is a broken item.

This kind of behaviour is damaging to the community and for local businesses trying to provide a legitimate service.

I would like to urge people to ask to see proof of qualifications before allowing anyone to attempt any repairs on your electronic devices. I would also like to tell the residents of Kingsway and the surrounding areas that even if their item cannot be fixed it still remains their property and they are entitled to it back in the same condition as it was when taken away.  Search for a second opinion. This kind of thing was happening all the time in my previous location.

The people of Kingsway need to know that rogue traders are everywhere. In this present financial climate we all want to save money but the three people I have spoken to have lost their laptops and had to replace them at a cost much more than a repair would have been. Don’t throw it away along with your hard earned cash. Also faulty laptops and computers make good money when sold online so even if it is broken consider selling it yourself online before accepting a few pounds for it.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone who may have suffered regarding this con.

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    I would also like to add that this post has attracted some interest on a well known social networking site and that this rogue is not connected to any local company but just a lone person offering risky cash in hand cheap fixes that often leave the customer worse off. This person is most certainly not connected with MS PC Repairs & Servicing and none of the other perfectly legitimate computer companies trading locally. I really do urge people to be very choosey when letting someone take away your personal possessions. It might look like you have your laptop back but what has been taken from it and are any replacement parts really new or just some bits from his garden shed.
    REMEMBER: Qualifications, Insurance, Receipt and Identification.

    I completely agree and thank you for your input themanfromdumont. The hard drive on your computer stores all of your personal data and most laptops or computers can be repaired without this installed. Unless it is a virus issue or corrupt operating system files etc. Any honest decent technician would offer to remove this hard drive and leave it with the client before taking the equipment. This way all the data remains with the rightful owner and there is no risk of information being stolen or viewed.
    The person taking your equipment should always leave a receipt always show ID and always carry proof of qualifications and proof of public liability insurance. Your point about cost and not value is so true. Personal files cannot be replaced like family pictures by an insurance payout. This is why a backup is always recommended for your own protection. Your laptop can be replaced but those pictures of your childs first day at school or the wedding pictures from 10 years ago can’t.
    We always ensure full confidentiality and at all times protect the client’s personal data stringently. To replace a broken screen does not require having the hard drive installed so I suggest removing it before you let anyone take your equipment.
    Your data is your data and should always remain that way.

    I am amazed when I hear reports of people handing over their laptops without checking any criteria. Do they not realise that all their personal info’ is at risk as well. People always make up their mind on initial cost and not value.

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