Road Surfacing Brize Avenue and Goose Bay Drive

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Just to inform everyone that the final surfacing of Brize Avenue and Goose Bay Drive, from Thatcham Avenue to Buckenham Walk, will be carried out next week. Access may be restricted or diverted during the day, with diversions through Linton Avenue being implemented to ensure that all properties can be accessed.

Thank you for all your patience with these works, by the end of next week – 13 June, the surfacing should be complete with no more raised ironworks in these roads.

If you have any concerns during the works, please contact the QUVL Kingsway (number noted on home page).


Andy Smith

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    Hi Neil,

    As far as I’m aware, the only roads adopted so far are those listed in the recent KRA Meeting Minutes, (which do not include that one)!

    Sorry πŸ™

    On a vaguely related note, does anyone know if the roundabout on Farnborough Close and the bridge across to Tuffley have been adopted? Only I’m sure I was told some time last year that it was going to be adopted around last November, but after reporting the disappearance of the “No motor vehicles” sign from the fence I’ve been told there’s nothing to be done because it hasn’t been adopted yet (I’m assuming that’s the road and not the fence, not sure you could adopt the road and not the fence). πŸ™‚
    This section was surfaced quite some time ago, presumably so that it could be adopted.

    Here’s an excerpt from the Kingsway Residents Association Meeting Minutes (PDF) for July 9th (last Wednesday):

    Residents complained about parking on the Brize Avenue corner. Clive Barton (KRA Secretary) said that he had communicated with Cllr Dave Norman and had subsequently asked (on the blog) for local residents to volunteer to meet Cllr Norman and β€˜show him the problem’, but no local residents had volunteered. He asked those in attendance who were familiar with the area to give him their contact details after the meeting. (Sadly nobody did)!

    I know this was an oversight, because several people said they would speak to me, but the meeting was quite long so I suspect they forgot in a rush to get out πŸ˜†

    Fortunately Joe Logan (KRA Chairman) is familiar with the area, so has volunteered to contact Councillor Norman on our behalf.

    Hi Kerry (et al),

    Sorry for the delay in replying… I just heard back from Cllr Norman as follows:

    I have asked Officers to brief me. Highways are a County Council matter.
    Other residents in your area have contacted and I suggest I meet you on site. Please suggest some dates/times.
    Kind regards
    Dave Norman

    So if you (or several of you) wish to meet him there to discuss this, give me an ideal date/time (or a selection) and I will respond to him… I’d also like to give him your email address(es) so he can respond directly to you, so please give me permission to do that.


    Hi Clive,

    Don’t worry to much about the grass cutting, it would be much better to help the parking problem more than anything.


    Thanks for all your help. πŸ˜€

    Thanks Steve πŸ™‚

    I’ve emailed Cllr Dave Norman asking for him to assist and have also emailed Andy Smith (QUVL) to ask about the grass cutting.


    Hopefully the area city councillor has taken note of your suggestion, and need of gaining further wider community concerns on this matter addressed. Cllr: Dave Norman’ who as I recall has a long service within the Fire Department too, is clearly your direction for assistance. Councillors are there for matters just like this – so hopefully he will assist you!

    Yes ‘yellowhouse’ I totally agree with you, it would be good if this could be arranged maybe with the help of Clive or a Councillor this could become a possibility.

    If someone could point me in the right direction to possibly get this to happen i would sort it out, not sure if i could go down to the local fire station and ask them to just have a drive round.

    Clive if you read this could give me a hand by putting these comments forward into the direction of someone that could help please.


    “however do you not agree that the parking is dangerous in this area”
    Yes, the problem is the parking combined with the bend, so it’s impossible to see the oncoming traffic.

    As for emergency vehicles, residents in our previous neighbourhood (also a new development) used to complain about exactly the same thing. Fortunately, at least one of them was a fireman and he brought in a fire engine to prove/disprove the point! Maybe that should be done here.

    Hi Kerry,

    Andy Smith is the guy I spoke to last year to get this done.

    Hopefully he’ll read these comments and respond; if not I will mention it to him next time I speak to him πŸ™‚

    Barker77, The grass area that I mentioned is half way up around Brize Avenue the trees on the left handside, it just needs the grass cutting around the tree as well as around the edge of the walkways, Clive could probably help with this the same thing was carried out last year.

    yellowhouse: yes I take your point and I also got stuck behind that truck, fair play he managed to get through, however do you not agree that the parking is dangerous in this area, I know that the re-surfacing has not helped the situation, hopefully that should be over soon, however just a bit of common sense when parking would help, especially when everyone has allocated parking.

    “if there was an emergency, how would the vehicles get through?”

    Easy. Last week I followed a juggernaut along there, which was delivering a hut to the Taylor Wimpey site (the driver was lost). He made it, despite the parked vehicles and the roadworks.

    Good point about brize ill ask….

    Grass around the trees?

    Go On Clive! you know you want to… πŸ™„

    Could you arrange to get the grass cut around the trees again please same as last year… πŸ˜†

    I’m not biting :mrgreen:

    At Last! Seems to have taken a long time. Perhaps now something can now be sorted about the parking on Brize Avenue – it is so dangerous, especially on the corner.

    I would really like to know how, if there was an emergency, how would the vehicles get through? 😑

    Everyone has allocated parking, so why not use it ❗

    Nice one Andy, thanks for the info’ and good luck πŸ™‚

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