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Friday, May 16th, 2008

On Thursday May 8th, Baz_k, sar.jas (Barry and Sarah) and I met with Anna Mozol, Jackie Hall, Bryan Claridge and Roger Langston at the Quedgeley Community Centre, where we had an interesting and fruitful meeting and were given much advice and help regarding the formation of a Residents Association for Kingsway Village.

We discussed ways to proceed and agreed that a priority issue was that of informing as many Kingsway residents as possible, in order to allow everybody an equal opportunity to be involved from the start.

We decided to create leaflets/flyers and to deliver them by hand, knocking on doors and explaining our intentions in person, in order to ensure – as far as possible – that all residents are aware of plans, are invited to attend our first meeting and are given the opportunity to volunteer their services if they wish. We were hoping to do this on 30th May but Baz is unable to make that date and has asked us to consider rearranging to earlier that week – say May 28th.

Baz_k and I will create a leaflet layout and Bryan very kindly volunteered to produce them (which will save me a lot of scissor-work… lol)!

We were excited to discover that plans for a Kingsway Community Centre have progressed and that it might well be available in time for our first “RA” meeting (provisionally planned for 27th June).

As a regular contributor to The Citizen, Anna offered to announce our plans there and Bryan mentioned that they could add the leaflets to the Parish Council notice boards (including Tesco’s).

We also discussed such issues as the “Youth Pod” (a 60 foot container created as a leisure/recreational facility for young people, currently residing in the community centre car park awaiting placement in Kingsway) and the next Quedgeley Funday, planned for June 21st (2pm-5pm at the Quedgeley Community Centre).

It was great to meet with the Parish Council representatives and Cllr Jackie Hall; thank you all for your time and advice 🙂

I am very much looking forward to meeting many Kingsway Residents during our leaflet-distribution exercise 8)

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    Hi All ,
    Yes that is absolutely fine. Myself and maybe Jason will be able to help distrbute the leaflets; can you let me know where and what time to meet you all and I will meet you there. Thanks 😀

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