Residents Association Meeting

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

The first meeting of the Kingsway Residents Association went ahead as planned and approximately 35 people attended. All things considered, we were very pleased with the turnout and I wish to personally thank everybody who attended. It was extremely gratifying to see so many people so enthusiastic about the future of our community and I really felt that we now have a chance to do something special for the future of the Village.

The meeting was chaired by Cllr’s Bryan Claridge and Ann Mozol of the Quedgeley Parish Council. Once again I would like to thank them on our behalf for giving up their time to help us.

The minutes will be published on here as soon as they are available but (to the best of my recollection), the major points agreed were:

  • The elected commitee will hold their respective positions for an initial period of 6 months.
  • “Open meetings” will take place approximately every 2 months.
  • The committee will hold “closed meetings” on  a 2 monthly basis.
  • In “extraordinary circumstances” additional meetings may be arranged as required.
  • The commitee will hold it’s first (closed) meeting on Monday 7th July at 8pm.
  • The first open meeting will take place on August 8th at 7:30pm (venue to be confirmed).
  • In order to avoid open meetings from “dragging on” for too long, the agenda will be set before the meeting starts. Residents will (of course) be invited to propose items to be added to the agenda up to (I think we said) 3 days before the meeting date.

The following people were elected to the committee:

  • Barry Kirby (Chairman)
  • Clive Barton (Web Officer) *
  • Ian MacLauchlan (Secretary)
  • Richard Read (Treasurer)

After the election of the main 3 committee members, there followed a discussion about “additional positions” which included an interesting proposal along the lines of electing an office for each area (building phase) to be both a local contact for residents and to help publicise and promote the RA in those areas. I think it’s a good idea and hope to discuss it further at future meetings.

* For myself, I explained that I was loath to volunteer for the 3 major roles because of both time constraints and because I wished to focus on reporting the RA’s activities on this ‘site as well as bringing matters from blog subscribers to the attention of the Association. In order to do that successfully, I suggested that I should like to be part of the committee (something along the lines of a “vice-secretary”)! My request met with much support (thank you all) and Barry suggested the title of “Web Officer”, thus this “extra-ordinary role” was created!

As I said earlier, this is just my recollection (I’d make a terrible secretary – lol) and the official version will be posted shortly; so – if I missed something really important, please don’t shoot the messenger 😆

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    The minutes have been published and are now available via our new Kingsway Village Residents Association page.

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