Recycling Box Lids (Litter Problems Cont’)

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Just a post following on from the previous thread regarding litter problems:

I believe that the majority of the litter is from recycling boxes that don’t have lids. Either because the clips have broken off (as mine have and have been replaced by The Council), or by owners who don’t use them, because they have slightly too much recycling for one box for example, so can’t use a lid, or because someone else has stolen the lid to replace their broken one.

I don’t know what other peoples opinions of this are but I have emailed and let him know of the problem.

The more people who complain the better as it might help The Council to see that there is a big problem with the design of these leading to litter problems that could be easily solved.


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    Just thought I’d add a comment about one of my pet hates: LITTER!
    Firstly, I watched one of the bin men “skidding” my recycling box up the drive and smashing it into my step, no wonder they keep getting broken!
    Secondly, I now have 2 boxes so that they don’t get overfilled and break the catches.
    Thirdly, I always pick up the litter from around the area of my property (even though it’s not mine); if everyone did this surely it would make a good start to the tidying up of Kingsway.
    Let’s not be too proud!

    The rubbish situation is bad everywhere, there is so much litter all over the place. It doesn’t help that the recycling bin lids don’t fit properly. Mind blew off last week and someone ran over it twice, that was the end of that one!

    tiny, can I just say: Not all of us can put our bins out of site. My neighbours have theirs on the edge of the pavement all week, but the only other place for them to put them is on the grass outside the front of their house, which would obviously kill it. I move mine back towards the house but can’t put them away completely.

    Also the fact that when the bin men do their rounds they seem to drop rubbish everywhere doesn’t help.

    Why don’t the kids take home their litter instead of throwing on the ground? It should be the parents teaching their kids not to litter, that’s why they’re called parents.

    Rather than start a new thread, I thought I’d contribute to this one.

    Walking past the Kingsway Primary School, you can’t help but notice the amount of litter there is along the fence: discarded sweet wrappers, empty sandwich packets, even the odd can or two.

    But is there a litter bin at either of the school gates ? Not that I’ve noticed.

    Surely one of the things a primary school should be teaching the kids is not to litter – if they learn not to litter as a child, the chances are they’ll grow up into more socially responsible adults, won’t they?

    Would it cost that much for the school to install a couple of litter bins next to its premises?

    Hi tiny,
    We also get aggravated by folks who leave their bins out all week, (not to mention those who have gradually accumulated multiple large bins to save them the hassle of recycling) πŸ™„

    Hi robin72,
    It would certainly be easier for us; let’s hope Mr Partis and his colleagues can find a way to do it.

    It would be better to use the green recycle wheelie bins than the boxes; less mess and a simpler job.

    My pet hate is the constant rubbish around Kingsway’s unadopted roads. We dread Bin Day, with householders not putting bins out of site from one week to the next, and constantly leaving bins outside of their houses, overflowing rubbish spilt on to the pavement outside other peoples property… The steady flow of Delivery Vans and Contractor’s Lorries is enough to decrease the value of our homes, a further bus route would top the lot!

    Hi barker77,

    I had a reply from Andrew Partis (which appears to be addressed to you – lol); it reads:

    Dear Mr Barker,

    I refer to your e-mail dated 5th December 2011, regarding the lids on the recycle boxes & littering concerns, and your suggestion of using wheeled bins for collecting recyclable materials.

    The recycle boxes are designed for the crews to sort & place the items into the correct locations (for example, glass in the glass container) and to ensure that non-recyclable items do not contaminate the recycling.

    We are aware that some local authorities use wheeled bins for collecting recyclable materials but there are some drawbacks to using this method:

    1) It’s easier for people to contaminate the recycled items with non-recyclable waste, i.e. placing non-recyclable waste in the bottom of the recycle bin,
    2) It would be more costly to sort out every recycle item if they were all collected together, and

    3) There is a possibility of cross-contamination if all recyclable items are collected together, thus making the specific materials unsuitable for further processing by the recycling processors.

    We do look at ways to improving our waste & recycling services, and there may be a more cost-effective way to collect recycled materials using wheeled bins in the future.

    Furthermore, following previous correspondence with Kingsway residents regarding lid & littering concerns, please be advised that my colleagues will be contacting the Kingsway Village Residents Association in due course to arrange a site visit to the area & investigate the littering problem.

    I hope this e-mail is both helpful & informative.

    Yours sincerely,

    Andrew Partis
    Neighbourhood Management Support Officer
    Gloucester City Council

    I see no problem with any of the previous comments. (I have no particular problem with negative remarks/comments).

    Here’s hoping the new “KIN” initiative will make a difference.

    It is a solution, but it would be nicer if the damn things fitted, (also – I don’t have any bricks) 😯

    Point taken about the brick. I don’t think anything needs moderating, I just wanted to say it’s not all bad.

    So what are the rules for for posting on this site? must all postings be of a type so as not be negative in any manner?


    Understanding this is your thread I have no objection toward Clive removing my comment which you found negative. I did make clear I didn’t want it going off-track but did want to explain what has been encountered from using a brick. Please feel free in removing the comment in order to keep your thread better for everyone (as indicated) as I wouldn’t wish too cause displeasure in any way.


    Thank you for your reply, whilst I understand that you clearly aren’t happy with what happened regarding the brick it is off topic. Would be nice if instead of being negative we can keep posts on track to make the place better for everyone.


    Without wishing to go off-track – some residents in our street did previously do just that – sadly certain kids in our street considered that an invitation which provided them with enjoyment, and something to use for attracting other residents attention by throwing them at their front doors!

    Even now, one residents door remains with it’s damage after receiving this unwelcome attention caused by one child who’s family is well known for causing problems – yet their landlord simply sends them a letter each time their behaviour causes problems for other residents to endure.

    The best idea came from “ceejaytee1979” really – we should reinstate the larger green bin’s which were mainly left redundant after charges were brought-in once we all got used to recycling our garden waste. I know some still use them for this purpose, and we would need to separate the difference between their use but this could simply be created by placing a large sticker notice on the bins being used for everyday recycling instead of garden waste!

    How about putting a brick on top of the the lid to help keep it in in place? It’s a nice simple solution.

    How about using the now much redundant green garden waste bins, sure there are a large number of them about now not getting used and they are the same colour! πŸ˜†

    I echo above entirely… most of the paper products or even empty plastic drinks bottles are from poorly designed recycle bins which have the problems indicated within the thread. We have equally picked-up large amounts of recycling which ends-up scattered around our street too, and in collecting it – fill our own boxes quicker than expected from other peoples recycling!

    Clive, much better idea indicated by yourself – much more solid heavier bins which don’t end-up scattered around the street(s) along with the recycling itself. Surely, it would end-up cheaper over time knowing they are constantly receiving calls from residents asking for replacement bins/lids or both each time instead of just one solid heavy bin?

    I always found it easier to go to the top in the Council, and as such Mr Martin Shield’s is the director for environmental waste matters…

    It’s been quite a problem in our road for the last few weeks, maybe due to the recent windy weather. I’ve been out a number of times and cleared the road and my neighbours driveways. I’ll be going out again this morning as there is another deposit of rubbish out there. It is mainly paper based products which may suggest it’s from the recycling boxes.

    Maybe an email to Andrew Partis can be sent on behalf of the KRA.

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the post.

    Yes I agree, the poorly fitting lids most certainly contribute to the local litter problem, (and must also frustrate the Bin Men)!

    Only this afternoon I had to go rescue my lid which had blown off during the night, then pick up all the rubbish from my garden (again) πŸ™

    I wish we could have full-sized wheelie bins as recycle bins. I know they would cost a lot, but I don’t see how the local council hopes to increase recyling without providing better facilities.

    Meanwhile I too will send an email to Mr Partis tomorrow.

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