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Thursday, September 1st, 2011

We are looking for old broken laptops and other computer systems to recycle for good causes and to stop the unnecessary dumping of recyclable computer parts.
Many broken computers and laptops etc can be fixed or used to fix others. So why are we just throwing them in the skip? After seeing what happens to our electronic and electrical waste we have decided to try to reduce this by sending out notices like this one to the local community. It seems to make sense that instead of letting your computer get crushed, buried or shipped abroad, why not make it into a donor to fix other computers for others to benefit from, and maybe make some cash in the process?

It was recently highlighted that a lot of our electronic waste ends up in other countries being sifted through by children at great danger to themselves. MS PC Repairs would like to offer an alternative to just dumping your laptop or desktop computer and could also give you cash for your item, (depending on condition).

We offer free collection of your unwanted computer, we also could give you cash for your item, and we could even repair your item and return it to you for a very good price. Saving the landfill and the possible chance that it doesn’t end up on a tip somewhere cutting into a childs feet as they sift through some of Britain’s waste. Also now that it will cost you money to have these items collected by the Council why not see if you can make money and have it collected?

We live in a wasteful society and we at MS PC Repairs and Servicing believe that old saying: “One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure.”

Any items that can be repaired will end up being used again by someone who can’t afford to buy a new top of the range computer like students people on benefits and the elderly or disabled. Of course policing who ends up with a refurbished item will be done to ensure only the truly needy will benefit.

MS PC Repairs & Servicing – Located in Kingsway.

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