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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

There still remains some confusion over how to get a place at the Kingsway School and I thought it wise to summarise everything here. It remains the most accurate and effective guide to what steps to follow!

If your child is starting school and is requiring a place in our reception classes in whatever year (2008, 2009, 2010 etc):
Admissions are controlled by the Admission Team at Shire Hall (01452 425407). Please contact them directly for advice. There is a section of Gloucestershire County Council’s website devoted to admissions and this explains everything you need to know – here.

If you want to ‘get in the system’ and ensure that you are known by myself and the school, it is also worth completing a registration form and we will hold it on file until the right time. This means you do not get forgotten and are alerted to all procedures in advance. I should emphasise that this is not an application to the school and does not guarantee you a place.

There are 30 places in our reception class until 2012, then we increase to 60 places. HOWEVER, if applications for places exceeds 30, then we can open up the second classroom earlier than this. As far as we are concerened every Kingsway reception child will get a place at their local school.

If your child is in Y1 to Y6 then it is me, as Headteacher, who allocates admissions to the school. The procedure is as follows:

If you want a place at the school then you need to complete an application form. On receipt of this application form, I can allocate you a place if I have room. It is that simple!
Again, it is our purpose to ensure that all children in the Kingsway area will get a place at the local school.
We currently have 15 places in each of these year groups (Y1 has 15, Y2 has 15 etc) but can increase this as need demands.
Application forms are available from
Kingsway Primary School,
c/o Shire Hall,
Westgate Street,
or tel: 01452 425077
or email: paula.needham@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Finally, here is the update on our opening date:

Pupils in our Reception class 2008 will be taught as Kingsway Primary school but in a temporary classroom on the grounds of Beech Green Primary School. They will be in practical terms a school in a school. As soon as the school is ready, these pupils will move over to the school building. We have been told this week that this will be possibly the middle of December but it may be sooner. This decision belongs to QUVL.

As there are only two classrooms at Beech Green, we cannot admit any other year groups until the school is handed over. This decison again belongs to QUVL but we will be moving as soon as the building is ready for occupancy. Pupils in Y1 to Y6 will therefore be invited to move from their current schools from about mid December onwards but certainly no later than Monday 5th January 2009. We believe that most parents will prefer to allow their children to complete the Christmas term at their current school and then join in the Christmas celebrations rather than join us for a fortnight. Hence the reason we feel our opening for Y1 to Y6 is more likely to be January.

Hope this all makes sense now.

Mrs Needham

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