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Friday, June 5th, 2015

Are you aware of the so called ‘Private Garden Party’ that is going on the 20/6/15?

It is said to be a private party that anyone can attend.

Here are the details:

Hello Kingsway neighbours!!

I am holding a private garden party at my house from 16:00 till late 2:00am latest on Saturday the 20/06/15.
There are 14 live acts from Pop music, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Grunge and female solo artists and other genres of music.

There is PA system, stage and lighting so it will be a loud event. Hence the reason I am posting this message so that I have given my neighbours a fair warning of the noise. I will leave my details below so if you have any questions or concerns you can message me for a direct response rather than guessing or presuming.

My house is behind the Barn Owl so we are very far from most houses with the park, school and community centre between us and the nearest houses.

Any money made from donations will go to Sparks Children’s Charity

(This story is very similar to the oxygen deprivation my son suffered at birth and the help and support Sparks gave to us during this difficult time, hence the reason of choosing this charity).

If you are a neighbour and close to my house, please feel free to come along to the party, but please note that I will stop entry if numbers get too big.

Any problems please contact me on Facebook private messenger if my tag below does not work I will comment on the post.

Alastair Chambers

Posted by Spotted: Quedgeley, Kingsway, Hardwicke on Sunday, 31 May 2015

It sounds more like a concert.
The problems will be with noise, parking, ASB.
Who will be policing this until 2am on the Sunday morning?
A complaint has already been lodged with the environmental health at GCC.
Can you please look into and advise?

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    Hi Mrs B.

    Thanks for your comment. No need to apologise, if it disturbed you you’re entitled to day so! 🙂
    I gather there were also some problems with young folks parking in the Sports Pavilion car park and not wanting to leave! Other than that I haven’t heard anything bad, so I’d say it is getting better each year…

    Perhaps next year it will be perfect 😀

    Umm… No worries I guess, IF it had just carried on ’til latest – say midnight… & not heading towards 12.45.
    ’twas still a little too loud for those of us who live opposite… Live music also.
    Alas, some of us still do still have to get up early & work on weekends! Sorry. 🙁

    It seems he has done so, and the license has been granted (more HERE).

    He may be a very honourable Gent and I understand the reasons for raising money. But if it is all above board then according to the GCC an Events Licence should have been applied for; this would leave no margin for error. But the noise from the event will be high then there is all the noise of people coming and going. With all the litter, bottles, rubbish etc. So will he be able to vouch for all the people that are coming? After all it is a so called ‘private party’.

    Hi Sam,

    I do understand your concerns regarding the noise, especially at night when (as you say) it travels farther. I also think that acoustics in Kingsway exacerbate the problem (in my direction anyway). I gather there was party last year with very few issues. In previous years I knew when there was a party as I could hear it from my house, so I do think Alastair has made a real effort to reduce volumes.

    I can fully understand/sympathise-with your comments/concerns regarding Facebook, it can be a very hostile environment, although a PM would not be visible by anyone except Alastair.

    The invitation is not for members of the public, but for ‘Kingsway neighbours’, (‘though in real terms I’m not sure what difference that makes). Regarding notification, I guess he could leaflet the Village, although it is a heck of a task; (I’ve done it on numerous occasions, ‘though not for some time)! Facebook is an easy way to reach large numbers of local people, so not unreasonable I think.

    In my experience, Alastair is a very reasonable man and he is aware of concerns regarding noise levels, so let’s hope everything goes without incident.

    1. I have read the reply on previous parties. It looks like the noise levels are of concern, after all please remember when these parties took place before there was a lot less houses opposite and around there.
    2 If this is a private party that’s for invite only. If it is open to members of the public then it is not a private even but a public one. Then there are different rules for those. That is what I was told when I contacted GCC who are now looking into the matter that also includes the environmental health section as well. In answer to you question of contacting on Facebook, I have spoken to people around who said it was noisy to the fact it could be heard over most of the estate as noise travels further at night. After viewing my opinion on a local traffic problem on Facebook, I then had loads of hate messages, so don’t raise things on there; I now go straight to the GCC.
    If we all wait until the event starts it will be too late then. Also by them putting on Facebook they are targeting the people they wish to come to it. How about put a flyer into each and every house in Kingsway with a way to raise objections then see what the feeling is?

    I had a very speedy response from Alastair. He said that he held a similar party last year and – after taking steps to reduce noise levels – had very few complaints. (I can personally testify to the fact that the levels were much more reasonable as I had no idea he had held another party until he mentioned it)!
    He also said to reassure you that as this is a private event, there will be no major issues (ASB etc). The ‘open invitation’ is for local people, so parking is unlikely to be an issue, and he is very close to the local centre, so there is plenty of parking available if necessary.

    The purpose behind his post on spotted was to warn neighbours of his intentions (which is a very reasonable approach), so it seems very unlikely that the event will need to be ‘Policed’.

    He may well respond on here himself, but once again, he invites you (or anybody with concerns) to contact him through the thread on spotted, or via a Facebook PM.

    Hi Sam,

    There was a previous event there in 2012 – details are here and here.

    Although there were a few complaints about the noise there were no problems with ASB or bad behaviour so I don’t anticipate anything of that sort.

    Have you contacted Alastair about it? He is a very reasonable chap (and has at least has taken the trouble to forewarn everybody)… I have sent him a message voicing your concerns and will let you know what he says.


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