Pet Micro-Chip Day

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Pc Melanie Campbell contacted me recently, to announce the forthcoming event:

Micro-Chip Day

(For those of you with images switched off):

Gloucester Constabulary and Cheltenham Animal Shelter are offering free animal health checks, and animal micro-chip implants for only £11.

At Tesco Car Park, on Sunday 4th October, 10am ’til 3pm.

One of my two cats, (a ginger tom named “tigger”) disappeared for a couple of days a few months ago. When he came home his collar had been replaced with another one, (it didn’t look new either)! So I figured it was either local kids fooling around, or he’d lost his collar, wandered into someone’s house and they’d decided he might be a stray (‘though he looks well-groomed) and decided to keep him!
I removed the collar and replaced it with a new one and later that night… he came home without it 😯

Strangely, when walking Phoenix to school the next day I found it lying on the floor!

Needless to say – if I can make it – I’ll be taking him for “chipping” 😉

One Response to “Pet Micro-Chip Day”

    I just received an email from PC Campbell saying:

    Just to keep you updated – The Animal Shelter have come back to me in the last few days to say that they can now do the micro chip job for just £10.

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