New Kingsway School – Waterwells Primary Academy

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Hello All,

Was anyone else aware of the progress that has been made on the second Kingsway School?

I stumbled across a website that shows quite a bit has happened on this recently including a new name, Waterwells Primary Academy, and also some drop-in sessions that have already taken place.

I’d heard nothing about this but apparently they have had leaflet drops and advertised locally. They are currently in a consultation period and are welcoming peoples comments until the end of this month. As a parent to two under 3’s I am very interested to know what is happening with this school.


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    At last… the AGM minutes are now available (click here to view) and include some more information on this topic… (Sorry again for the delay).

    There’s also a consultation document with a lot more information available here, and a consultation form on their website (here).


    Hi Paul,

    Sorry for the lack of information about this…

    The school Head’ gave an introductory talk at the Residents Association AGM in November, and the minutes would have furnished the details for you, but I was delayed in getting some of the information after the meeting and have since been struggling to catch up with work due to severe illness (both my wife and myself)!

    My apologies to you – and to all who have contributed articles and comments since January 1st… tonight is the first time I’ve been able to catch up with the submissions since Christmas, (and I have yet to create those minutes)! 😯

    Hopefully I will be able to post them soon.

    Happy New Year,

    PS: Sorry also to all who have emailed me with info’ to create posts on the blog on their behalf; I am further behind with emails than anything else 🙁

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