New Community Services at Kingsway

Friday, February 11th, 2011

I would like to update the local residents of what is going on at the Local Centre in Kingsway.

Badham’s Pharmacy is opening a here near the School on the 1st March, this will be in a portacabin for a few months.

We will move to one of the new shops that are being built there in June/July.

Five units are being built of which Tesco will have one; this will be a Tesco Express.

Badham’s Pharmacy are looking for tenants for the other units, and we are in discussions with a dentist, doctor, optican and take-away.

I will keep you informed of how we get on as I am sure you are all very keen to see local services looking after the growing population in Kingsway.

Badham’s Pharmacy are based in Cheltenham and have branches in Churchdown and Gloucester, we are a family company which has been providing services for over 70 years.

We are very excited about the new venture, we like to work with the community in which we have pharmacies. We see us coming to the local centre as the first step in getting this off the ground.

Please visit the Badham Pharmacy website for more information about us, including a map and directions to our new Kingsway Pharmacy.

Please give me a call if you want to know anything else:
Peter Badham – 07837513492

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    Re delighted, a Tesco Express, myself I would have prerred a local Sainsburys, but hey they run a great corner shop. BUT a chemist, a Taylors estate agency will not add or turn this area into the village status it advertises. Chemists locally you can find near doctors surgeries and in major supermarkets. Would be nice to have a great fish ‘n chip shop or bakery or the like. Not ten a penny outlets that offer nothing we can’t get anywhere. This area will only be a suburb of Gloucester, will never reach the feel of a true village. Just in case you all think I am anti Kingsway I am not. We are both happy here and like the area and it’s local position, but and another BUT, only because we were happy with where our house is situated, the style, plus the price we got it for. Our sellers lost 22% in just a few years, never even had a nice road ouside; they lost faith, the constant broken promises. Can’t even get a tarmac piece of road. Never ending construction which shakes the house constantly… I will never big up the area just so others can clear their negative equity n move away. My opinion on the Kingsway suburb of Gloucester: It’s really nice, but only at the correct price. A village it certainly won’t ever be.

    New Kingsway local Centre Update

    I am delighted to inform your readers that we have completed on the 4 new shops at Kingsway.

    The Pharmacy will open on the 1st September in the shop.

    We are looking forward to a great future in Kingsway.

    Local Amenities

    Does anyone have any more information about what shops/services are being built by/behind the Primary School and when they may be opening?

    I have heard/read many conflicting opinions and am getting a bit confused.

    Morning each,

    Youre very welcome. KevGee… if you have any difficulties, just get in touch and I would be happy to assist in any way I can too. I would equally suggest taking digital pictures of any work being carried-out before 0800hrs, and/or after their official end time – most on the development are expected to finish at 1800hrs, some do have an extended time of 1900hrs but that would need clarifying by the Council as to which site has what finish time. I noted some sites on the development were placing Considerate Constructors Scheme signage up but officially weren’t part of the scheme – again, check-out any signage and get their site’s confirmed with Mr David Crook, if they are found not to be part of the scheme but have placed signage up – they can be fined beyond being forced to take down the signs.

    KevGee – Cool, and thanks to Steve for putting them up.

    It’s also worth highlighting that Cllr Fred Wood had also picked up on your post and contacted Andy Birchley with your issue as well.

    blastu2 sorry I’m just getting back to you, thank you for the contacts they’ll be a great help.
    Barry just to let you know I did call the council about the builders and as yet I’ve had no contact from them but thanks to blastu2 I can now get straight to the organ grinder and get things sorted.

    Good Morning KEVGEE,

    The rules apply to any contractor on this development with regard to start time being 0800hrs. Report them to: within Gloucester City Council’s Planning Department. Mr Birchley is very firm when it comes to this continued problem on this development via contractors, he even obtained a prosecution last year when Taylor Wimpey were ignoring the rules too.

    I would also encourage you to note if they have signage for Considerate Constructors Scheme, if so, then equally report them to:, he is responsible for taking action within that organisation if they breach the same rules too.

    Kevgee – Report them to the council, it is their responsibility to start at the appropriate time, and inform their subcontractors and deliveries accordingly.


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