New Asda for Kingsway Announced

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Totally Opposed to New Kingsway Asda.
Living on Kingsway we are 5 minutes away by car and approximately ten minutes walking distance from a very large Tesco store and a substantial Aldi store. We also have a ‘Tesco Express’ in Kingsway for additional convenience and for extra choice we have Sainsbury’s situated approximately two miles away by car, not counting the village of Stonehouse appoximately five miles away with its lovely independent butchers and grocery stores etc; and yet we are ‘told’ we need another local store… Sheer lunacy!
And if residents in the area are so busy they cannot travel the 5 or so minutes to the nearest shop, they can always order it online and have it delivered to their door.
Councillor Anna Mozol tells us on the front of the latest Quedgeley News ‘it’s what the people of Quedgeley want’. I look forward to seeing the statistics from Ms. Mozol to back up her sweeping statement as I for one haven’t been asked to take part in any sort of survey on this matter.
As an educated business person I don’t much care for propaganda and am very much aware of Section 106 agreements, named after the relevant part of the Town and Country Planning Act of 1990, whereby according to The Guardian “big corporations / superstores can swing local support in their favour by offering to fund no end of sweeteners: libraries, public spaces, housing, even schools”!
I also query the comment made by City Councillor Andy Lewis in the latest Quedgeley News inferring that the Tesco Express based in Kingsway is so busy…. personally I have never had to queue when I have popped in and find this more than adequate. And what about the Kingsway Pharmacy and Café we have had to wait years for? I presume these small independants will be muscled out by the new Asda coffee shop and pharmacy?
In my opinion we will just be surrounded by more ‘low end stores’, which incidentally Mr. Andy Lewis does therefore not give me any more choice, (I refer to his comments regarding the area needing ‘more choice’ ) and I will still be travelling 25 minutes to my nearest M&S food store in Cheltenham and my alternative Waitrose isn’t any more conveniently located.
With regard to the nuisance this Asda superstore will inevitably cause I just hope I don’t see an Asda shopping trolley in my vicinity or have to wait in long queues to get access to my home off the A38 which is already a bottleneck at certain times of the day and as the one and only main feed off the A38 into Kingsway is not sufficient to take the growing volume of traffic purely generated by Kingsway at present.
I for one am not cheering this news. In my opinion this will just be another blot on the ever increasing landscape where the ‘big four’ supermarkets are taking over. Oh, and talking of landscapes I hope Asda stay true to their initial promises about making the area aesthetically pleasing and re-landscaping the main feeder roundabout; or will this be conveniently left until the end when they have run out of budget?

An unhappy Kingsway resident.

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    The Kingsway Asda does have a filling station for my car! It’s called a EV charge point and it’s free! 🙂

    Petrol is very expensive around here, so more competition might help. BUT I wouldn’t be in favour of a petrol station at Asda. It could be a health hazard to those Kingsway residents just across the road.

    I am glad to say that Asda is here. Tesco have been getting greedy in their prices for a long time. Also I know many who don’t live in Kingsway are visiting Asda, as it’s nearer than going all the way to Gloucester.
    Until Asda can get a petrol station I will visit Tesco’s for that, but as I have to pass Asda on the way home there is no reason why I would shop in Tesco’s again. But then again I see they are posting Vouchers to shop there.

    I have to say I was quite suprised as to how busy Asda was on Monday morning, busy enough to have marshalls in the car park. I am not quite sure why people were queueing up at 8am when the store didn’t open until 10am!

    I called into Tesco this morning (needed petrol and didn’t want to do two supermarket shops) and it was extremely quiet in there!

    Doesn’t bother me really, (subject to traffic being managed correctly).

    I must say the store is an improvement on the empty field and it’s nice to see so many local people working there 😀

    Cant see any reason an Asda petrol station is a bad idea. Cheaper fuel yes please!

    Afternoon All,

    Regardless, you will have those in favour and those against. The car park yesterday, and today was full (beyond those on-foot) people are using it in large numbers. Local people themselves have spoken with their feet going through the door and that itself is one of the best surveys you can get in the end isn’t it?

    Has anyone else heard that Asda plans to appeal/re-apply for a petrol station at the new store on Kingsway? I understand that this was something that residents were very much opposed to.

    Thanks lou lou I will certainly be writing to Mr Norman in addition to the two Councillors I mentioned in my original post. Thanks for the advice.
    PS: It’s nice to read other people’s opinions to my post and know that I’m not the only one who is not in favour.

    Having just received a copy of “In Touch” through my postbox, this is a comment at the end of the first page regarding Asda:-

    Dave Norman (County Council Candidate for May 2013) “I welcome the development for the new ASDA store to Kingsway. It is much needed for the estate residents as well as introducing competition to the established outlets in Quedgeley”

    Pleasant, I presume you will have received the same copy through the door today or sometime soon, there is a comments box on the back of the form, why not contact Mr Norman and raise your concerns with him to, to at least make him aware not all residents want Asda?

    Local independent shops would have been ideal especially in light of recent events with Horsemeat DNA being found in food products in numerous supermarkets, however, supermarkets have destroyed any hope of getting independant traders and we all have played our part in that, those of you who are complaining about yet another supermarket on the door step, do you never shop in them?

    The planners have been given permission because there was no or little opposition against the Asda store.

    Tesco is far too expensive and despite it’s revamp in 2010 has less choice of foods in there than it did before it was extended.

    Persmission for Tesco Express in Kingsway should never been given, a local newsagent would have been better and yes although it is quiet in there, you do have to queue at certain times of the day, I make sure I don’t go in before or after the school run.

    Consumers want choice that is the way of the world today, not everyone has internet access, not everyone enjoys internet shopping, not everyone wants to shop in Tesco or Aldi for whatever reason, this will be why Asda was given the go ahead.

    The plans that I saw last year at the consultation showed the building to be sympathetic to the area and it would be screened by trees on the A38 side and the side opposite the houses at the entrance to Kingsway, this of course will take time to screen completely as the trees will have to grow and mature.

    I have to agree with most of your points.

    Plenty of supermarkets within walking and driving distance. Yes I certainly don’t want another supermarket in the vicinity. In fact, some independent shops/outlets would have been a much better idea in my view. Shan’t be a great advert when leaving the A38 the building will be probably be like many of their other supermarket buildings a large ugly warehouse type building-lovely, not. How about some trees screening the building, a large water feature, a roofed garden, lots of flowers, shrubs around the car park. Ahh well that’s life, just hope the incinerator at Javelin Park doesn’t get built but as I said a while back regards Asda – ‘it’s likely it will get built’.

    I too am against the Asda supermarket being built at the entrance to Kingsway. There is simply no point in going to any consultation, the planners would never refuse as there are no actual grounds to refuse on (I have a friend who works as a town and city planner). This all down to the lie we bought when we first moved here. Village living, I don’t think so.

    The small shop was also originally destined to be a Sainsbury’s local, oh well now we have 2 Tesco’s, an Aldi a Sainsbury’s and now an Asda all on our front door, and we wonder why communities no longer exist and why we are all getting fatter.

    Looking forward to the traffic problems! Hurray for Kingsway!

    Hi Pleasant,

    Sorry to hear you’re not keen on the idea.

    The public consultation was held almost exactly a year ago; more details are available in this post, which also addresses many of the issues you have mentioned. (In fact you posted in response here).

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