Missing Cat – Please Help

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Hello All,

This is my first post on the site as I have just moved up to Kingsway from Bristol and one of our cats has gone missing.

Meg is a long-haired white and ginger cat and was last seen on Tuesday morning. She has a collar with a tag with our postcode and ‘phone number on and she is micro-chipped.

Missing Cat

The microchip search service has been called, but if anyone sees her around the Mount Pleasant / Valley Gardens / Thatcham Avenue area please let me know.

My number is 07967 271892.

Many Thanks,
14, Mount Pleasant.

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    So pleased to hear your cat is back in the comfort of her own home and is no doubt being spoilt! Hope she is grounded for a while …ha ha! I looked out for her on all my walks with the dog… It’s really good news she has turned up, how lucky.

    Hi Tim,

    Great news ~ Congratulations 😀

    Oh thats fantastic news, glad she is home safe and sound, bet she won’t be let out of your sight now bless her xxx

    Morning All,

    As I read this latest news – it brought a comforting smile to my face. Pleased she has been found safe-n-sound and back where she belongs!

    Hi Everyone,

    After two months of fearing the worst, a phone call from a kind Gentleman has reunited us with our cat! She had been surviving on scraps from the Harvester dustbins over the road! Other than a foul grease over her fur and a few pounds lighter she is in very good health and very happy to be home (judging from the non stop purring)!

    Thanks to all who kept an eye out for her and especially those who called with sightings…


    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for your comments. It is lovely to know there are people around who are keeping an eye out for her. It has been really saddening to think of her lost or even worse… Her brother is looking all round the house for her and is really moping about without her. 😥

    I had a call from a gentleman this afternoon, but I didn’t get to the ‘phone in time and he left a voicemail. He said he had seen the post on this site and thought he might have seen her in the woods near a wooden bridge yesterday. Unfortunately he did not give a name and the number he called from was withheld, so I can’t call back to ask exactly where he saw the cat… If it was you who called please call back again.

    We went to the woods on the side of Thatcham Avenue where the only wooden bridge we know of goes over to Tuffley, and looked and called her but did not see anything. I’ll go out again later when it a bit quieter and try again.

    I’ll keep this updated if I do find her or find out where she has gone.

    Happy New Year to everyone too…


    Any news on your lovely cat, Tim? I hope she found her way home x

    Hello Tim

    So sorry to hear you have lost your cat. I moved from Bristol to Kingsway and my cat went missing. We spent every day out searching and on the 17th day I by chance came across him, so dont give up hope, my cat went missing when we had the snow 2 winters ago and survived the coldest of nights. I put an article in The Citizen, rang Teckles in Gloucester (they are an animal santuary) and gave them details. We will keep an eye out when around the area. She is such a pretty cat, I really hope you find her.

    Hi Tim,

    Sorry to hear you’re still looking 🙁

    I hope she turns up.

    I printed out some posters asking for people to check gardens garages and sheds. The immediate neighbours have all checked but there is no sign of her, feel really sad she is gone, she is the most freindly and loving cat I have ever known… just keeping fingers crossed that she’ll turn up. Either way I would rather know where she is even if it’s not good news…
    Thanks to all for looking out for her.

    So very sorry to hear your cat is missing, have you tried asking people to check sheds and garages, my ickle cat went missing for a whole weekend a couple of years back, she was trapped inside a neighbours garage. I hope she comes home soon, she is very beautiful x

    Hi Tim,

    Welcome to Kingsway and to the website.

    She is a very pretty cat. I’m sorry to hear she’s gone missing. Let’s hope somebody finds her soon for you.


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