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Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Does anybody know who is the best person to contact about sorting out the ruined grass strip within the entrance of Marham Drive? I have contacted twice, but had no reply and am wondering if this is the correct contact for the following problem:

(For the record I am not starting a parking flame war here, but I am sure it will develop into it! Regardless to say this problem has been caused by people from Thatcham Avenue parking here. Also people living by the Primary School, a long way from their homes have been parking here – I know this from approaching them. If you wish and without naming names, I could list all the people who park here for your interest).

So the problem; the grass strip within the entrance of Marham Drive is a total mess. The Grass has been churned up into a mud patch, which is being washed down the road, making it look unsightly. Because of cars parking here, the level of the grass / mud has also been squashed down to a considerable depth below the top of the kerb, which is now retaining muddy water. Resulting in both a dangerous trip hazard to pedestrians and a huge pot-hole for vehicles. Yesterday I saw one car bounce quite violently up and down whilst driving over the pot-hole, this happened because another car was parked opposite and thus forced them onto the grass mess. Another car was going to park on the grass, then decided to go elsewhere within Marham because of the mud! Thus driving a nice tyre-width mud line all down the road.

I have also noticed that this is starting  to happen to the other grass strip a bit further in and opposite the sub-station – an absolute mess.

What with the rubbish left over from the refuse and recycling collection (which I am constantly picking up). The whole entrance looks a right state and it’s no wonder that Kingsway gets a bad reputation from the press because of this mess.

It looks bad, is dangerous and needs to be sorted out, but bollards (like those added to Mildenhall) won’t be suitable here, ‘though there are a few other options I know of that may work.

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    Just to correct myself;

    The red and white vauxhall’s are not Astra’s but are Corsa’s I believe. Regardless of model, you all know the cars I’m referring to.

    I also noticed the silver Peugeot I mentioned earlier on their drive this morning. When I approached the owner the other day, he said he knew nothing about the other cars. Strange? As now its clear that all 4 cars belong to the same household.

    Nice to see these cars were not parked in the entrance Friday morning, which gave access to the bin collection. We shall see what happens over the weekend. Hopefully they are taking note of annoying so many people?

    The owners of the cars in question do not live in Marham Drive, they live along Thatcham Avenue, when questioned and asked to park elsewhere they became rather aggressive and said they had nowhere else to park.

    If they don’t stop or if nothing is done soon, there is going to be a life changing accident whereby a child is run over, (there have been plenty of near misses recently).

    An Ambulance or a Fire Appliance is also not going to be able to enter Marham Drive at present due to the parking.

    I completely agree with everything you have said PotatoPete.
    This morning was an issue. On exiting Marham Drive, there was a car parked on the left which was nearly touching the pillar. A car parked on the right just past the pillar, one being the red Astra! Then on pulling out onto Thatcham Avenue a car was parked half on the pavement opposite Marham Drive.
    It is becoming increasingly dangerous to exit and enter Marham Drive.
    One day last week I was entering Marham Drive, again 2 cars parked on either side and a driver came speeding up Marham Drive, therefore I had to brake hard to allow him to exit as I couldn’t pull into Marham Drive because of the obstruction.
    The yellow lines should have been continued into Marham Drive by the pillars.
    Why are people so inconsiderate? Why park on an entrance? What can we do about it?

    Ok, I wasn’t going to mention the parking as it causes so much trouble on this website, but now I feel it’s necessary as the current parking is dangerous, inconsiderate and technically vandalism in some cases. I have also seen quite a bit of anger directed at these people via horn beeping and enquiring myself. I have no idea if anybody else has approached them, regardless they persist in the parking and obviously do not care.

    I won’t mention names, registration plates or house numbers for legal reasons, but I will mention the house location so that you can work it out for yourselves:

    Once again the parking problem is caused by a household of Thatcham Avenue. If you are exiting Marham Drive, there is a Cotswold Stone terrace block of three houses on the right hand side. It is the last house on this block, the third house with a garage – which will be on your right hand side as you drive down Thatcham towards the entrance of Mildenhall.

    The following three cars belong to this house (all have been parked on their drive at some point):

    Red Vauxhall Astra
    White Vauxhall Astra
    White Mini (with “” logo on the sides)

    There is another car which I also think belongs to this house, but am not 100% sure. It is the silver Peugeot parked on the left in the entrance and directly on the end of a drive in Marham. The reason I think this car also belongs to the house in Thatcham is because the driver is always wearing sports clothing with the RFU logo on – I suspect the white mini with the same logo is something to do with him?

    Take note, there is another silver Peugeot parked in the same location but is directly against the stone pier and never moves – it is NOT the RFU owner.

    Recently I have also seen another red Astra of the same model , but with a black roof – could these be the same people?

    So the parking:

    The silver Peugeot is always on the left as you exit.

    The white Mini is parked all over the place, including directly on the bend and I have seen it right down by the flats with the arched entrance within Marham!

    The white Astra has also been parking in the same locations as the Mini, but is mostly on the bend of the entrance, thus reducing visibility.

    The worst is the red Astra, not only has this car parked as the white Astra and Mini, but it has parked on the (private?) grass strip next to the sub-station in Marham, which is now a complete mess from others parking here as well. During the snow somebody wrote “move” on its windscreen and now it has only been parking on the other grass strip in the entrance. To avoid the mud, it has not parked hard against the wall. Thus making it very difficult to pass as the road naturally directs you into the silver Peugeot. You have to slow right down to almost a stop to get past both as there is barely enough room.

    The real problem here could be access for emergency vehicles and bin / recycling lorries, which might refuse to empty our bins if they cannot gain access.

    These cars have also been causing problems in Mildenhall, so it’s not just us in Marham. Let’s not forget that it effects everybody in Marham as they are having difficulties in accessing the entrance. Let alone the danger to pedestrians that are now forced to walk in the middle of the road, with the risk of being hit by a car as visibility on the entrance is reduced.

    Also for your interest. Do you remember the bronze coloured Ford KA parked on the grass by the substation last November? This car was dumped here for a month when its tax ran out in November and may have been put here to “hide” it from the owners location / neighbours. This car belongs to somebody near to Kingsway Primary School, they previously had friends who lived in Marham. A few neighbours including myself contacted the Police and DVLA several times, which was a waste of time as nothing was done about it!

    A few weeks back there was also a yellow car parked on the left in the entrance, this also belonged to another family by the school.

    I know this sounds a bit petty to mention all the cars, but I think it’s good to share information. So that you realise the true nature of the problem caused by people who do not live here.

    The thing is what to do? Contact the Police? Have a word with them (which I have)? They clearly don’t care and I feel if they are contacted by the authorities they will just cause hassle for others elsewhere. So once again we have to put up with it!

    Sorry about the long post!

    MS PC Repairs,

    Thank you, I didn’t contact Taylor Wimpey originally because from past experiences with them regarding after sales outside of the house; they were not very forthcoming, maybe I should give them a try anyway?

    Hi PP
    Our house was Bryant but it is now Taylor Wimpey if this helps. Not sure if the companies merged or sold off parts but Taylor Wimpey now deal with our property in Marham Drive.


    Thank you. Bryant Homes developed / built the houses in Marham Drive. The Miller Homes development was a bit further up the road I think? I wasn’t sure if Bryant was responsible for the maintenance, so I contacted instead?


    You should contact Miller Homes as I believe they developed that area and are therefore responsible for that parcel of land until is has been adopted. QUVL will only deal with communal areas.

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