Lost or Wild Pheasant in Marham

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

I seem to remember a while back somebody losing a pheasant around Kingsway?

I don’t know if this belongs to the same person or if it’s wild, but I saw a pheasant wandering around in Marham Drive this morning at about 8.30am, 16th Feb 2013. It was in the large open road area just before the arched flats. Then it walked back up Marham, turned left onto Thatcham Ave and carried on walking!

I know this post might not be much help as the bird could be anywhere now. But it might give you a idea of it’s last location if you are looking for it!

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    Hi potatoPete,

    I thought I remembered a post about a Pheasant too, but when I looked all I could find was this post from Alastair (from the Manor house) on June 30th 2012 about a grey peacock missing!

    I don’t expect that the two are very similar but I still think that Alastair would be the most likely candidate / best person to contact about this.

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