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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Last Friday (27th November) I attended two local meetings, as follows:

Police SCT Meeting

Complaints have been received from Kingway residents, regarding youths bullying younger children in the big park, and cars speeding on Woodvale and Thatcham Avenue. Both of these issues will receive close Police attention in the immediate future.

In addition, the Police are clamping down on local cyclists riding without lights. Spot fines will be issued and unsafe bikes may even be confiscated.

In January 2010, a new local "Beat Manager" – Sam Jones – will be joining PCSO Debbie Brimfield in Kingsway.

Youth Pod

Sheila Golder (Equals Youth Centre) reported that planning permission has (finally) been received for placement of the Youth Pod in the car park at Kingsway Primary School. The pod is expected to be sited by February 2010 (half term) and will provide some badly needed facilities for local youths.

Residents Association Meeting

The first meeting since the new committee was formed was to have included elections for the committee, but since there were 10 places and only 10 volunteers, elections were not necessary.

The meeting minutes are available on our Residents Association Home Page.

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