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Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

I thought it would be interesting to add a thread where local anglers can chat and help find local Angling in the area. I have found some places to fish locally and will add links to their websites below. If any local Anglers know of more places worth fishing, or local angling shops near Kingsway, please add your comments.

Also does anyone know anything about the Farm Pond near the Barn Owl Pub; Does the Farmer Sell Day tickets to fish the pond?

Local Fishing Links

Stroud & District AC
The nearest local Angling club I have found to Kingsway so far is Stroud & District AC who have a good stretch of the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal at 2.8 miles away in Hardwicke. To find out more about the Club and the fishing they have, follow this link: www.stroudangling.co.uk.

Harescombe Fisheries
There are 4 ponds at Harescombe Fisheries, which is 4.6 miles from the centre of Kingsway.
The Match Lake has been introduced in order to leave the original 3 lakes open to pleasure fishermen at all times.
The Pleasure Lakes:
Field Lake Well stocked with a variety of species. Carp to 20+ pounds have been landed on this lake.
Pasture Lake is the smallest in size but there are some hard-fighting carp in this lake.
Meadow Lake is popular with anglers for its large head of double-figure carp & tench.
Read more http://harescombefisheries.co.uk/

I hope this thread will be of interest to Fellow Kingsway Anglers.

Kind Regards,

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    Hi Lucy,

    I’m very sorry for the delay in accepting & responding to your comment.
    As I’m sure you are aware by now, it is indeed up and running.

    My partner is interested in fishing in the pond by the barn owl? Is this up an running now ? Any info much appreciated

    H.P. Bulmers Angling Club have a Good stretch of the river wye at Monnington on wye opposite the famous Moccas fishery, They also have a Stretch of the River Lugg at Hampton Bishop and two Carp Lakes one at Allensmore & the other at Winslow in Bromyard. The club is currently looking for New membership if you are interested in becoming a member of the Club Contact Mr A.J.Robinson via Email: arobinson758@btinternet.com or visit the club website http://www.bulmersanglingclub.co.uk/. Membership starts on 31st March.

    That sounds good Clive 🙂 Thanks for asking the local farmer near the Barn Owl about his farm pond Will definitely be worth a cast if he gets permission to allow day ticket fishing on his ponds. Look forward to hearing more news on this.

    Hi Johnboy,

    I had this response from the owner of the Farm Pond (near the Barn Owl):

    …was thinking of doing fish tickets but need to set up with environment agency first to get all the permissions in place… Definitely for the future, yes.

    I will let you know soon as I hear more 🙂


    Here are Some angling clubs worth a cast locally in Gloucestershire and beyond:

    Gloucester Angling Club have a stretch on the River Leadon a tributary of the river Severn near Maisemore
    Contact: richmander@blueyonder.co.uk Game & Course fishing: Link

    Stroud & District Angling Club have a stretch on the Gloucester-Sharpness canal at Hardwicke also a stretches of the Thames & Severn Canal & Stratford Park Lake: Link

    Sharpness Dockers Angling club have the rights on the Gloucester Sharpness canal at Sharpness docks.
    Course Fishing LinkMap.

    Breakingstone Angling Club
    Club fishing on a short stretch of River Avon at Twyning
    Contact paulrkelly@blueyonder.co.uk

    Royal Forest of Dean Angling Club
    Coarse fishing on lakes & pools in the Forest of Dean, like Steam Mills & Lightmoor: Link

    Birmingham Anglers Association
    Coarse fishing on lakes, also have river stretches, like the Severn & Avon Locally: Link

    Moreton Angling Club
    Coarse fishing on lakes also have a river Evenlode stretch in the Cotswolds: Link

    South Cerney Angling
    Have many carp lakes and a stretches on the Rivers Thames & Ray
    Coarse fishing on lakes & pools in the Cotswolds: Link

    Aston Keynes Angling Club
    Coarse fishing on lakes also have a river Thames stretch in the Cotswolds: Link

    Astwood Bank Angling Club
    Though not in Gloucestershire ABAC in neighbouring Worcestershire has some good course lakes, pools & river stretches (Avon & Arrow): Link

    Ross on Wye Angling Club
    They have course & Game Fishing on the beautiful River Wye in Herefordshire: Link

    Bulmers Angling Club
    Though not in Gloucestershire, BAC in neighbouring Herefordshire has some good course lakes & river stretches on the Lugg & Wye: Link

    Hi Clive,

    Thanks for adding my Post.

    My wife and I both enjoy our fishing and currently fish five clubs, some local and some farther afield. We Prefer fishing club waters rather than commercial, as we find them less pressured and more of a challenge, as you don’t know what you are going to catch. I have fished some commercial waters in the past like WatersMeet, Staunton Court & Harescombe and remember when fishing Harescombe a few times not long after Chris had them built. I have not heard of the pool near Churchdown. Sounds interesting, I will have a look on google later, cheers. There are 3 lakes near Hartpury College that are also worth fish on a day ticket, which are accessed through a field track (see link).

    Also Bulley Lane Fishery is also worth a cast for Carp Day tickets on the Banks of the pool at Bulley Lane: (see link).


    Hi Johnboy,

    Thanks for the post.

    I was a keen fisherman myself, but haven’t been since around 2001 🙁 The main reasons I stopped were personal, but also partly the lack of good local fishing (we used to travel to the Cotswolds/Oxford for good carp fishing)!

    I’ve known Chris (Harescombe Fisheries) for around 25 years, he’s a great guy and works hard to keep his lakes and fish in good condition.

    There’s a (very well stocked) carp lake in Staunton Court that allows day/night fishing (see link).

    There was also a good lake for beginners (where I first took my sons), but I don’t see anything online for it. It is quite small, but was well-stocked and easy access… I don’t know if the owner still allows fishing but it’s located on Hucclecote Lane, Churchdown, which is: HERE.

    Also on the Staunton Road in Hartpury, there are 3 lakes in Hartpury at the Watersmeet County Inn


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