Lethal Driver in Kingsway

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Although it is a great idea to place stickers on our bins, personally I feel naming and shaming the idiots who tear through our streets at lethal speeds should be considered by way of car type colour or even registration number. I know there was a time when construction traffic was named and shamed for using the residential roads for access. I only hope that the driver of the Audi TT that undertook me on the A38 just before I was going to indicate to get ready for the Kingsway turn off last week reads this post.

This idiot driver proceeded to tear down towards the roundabout and on to Woodvale at about 60MPH, only slowing down for the red light on the crossing. Allowing me to catch up he/she then tore off again before turning into Thatcham Avenue and continuing to drive at well over 50 MPH. I was travelling at 20MPH while this car just disappeared into the distance. I turned off at Marham Drive so didn’t get to see where it went but I do now keep an eye out for this driver in order to report this pathetic idiotic and downright dangerous driving to The Police.

I drive an old car worth next to nothing but it is road safe and driven safely, which begs the question: Does this person deserve to be in charge of such a car or even allowed behind the wheel of any car when they have such a bad attitude and very poor driving skills? Probably learned to drive at the Xbox driving school for brain dead morons!

Sorry if this is a long rant but this driver really worried me and I fear for the safety of all our children living in Kingsway while he/she is on the road. I also think with people like this living in or visiting Kingsway no matter how many signs or stickers that are put up this will continue to be a problem especially from those who can’t read and have no regard for anyone’s safety. Let’s face it if you can’t understand a large round sign with a big number 20 in the middle of it then perhaps driving a car is not a good idea.

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    Hi darrjeff
    You might be the only person who never refers to the right hand lane as the fast lane it is for this reason I have also called this the overtaking lane lower down in the previous comment.
    This was in an attempt to make it clear which part of the road I was referring to. The fact still remains that overtaking on the left is illegal and perhaps that is the reason there are accidents and not the fact that we have different names for the lanes of the road. It only takes a bit of common sense to work this one out clearly some people have a problem doing this and need to refresh their driving skills and take a good long look at the highway code.
    I am afraid your comment does not make any sense regardless of what this lane is called it is still illegal and dangerous to undertake.

    What is the fast lane? is their any such thing? Maybe that is that is the reason we have accidents because of this term.

    Hi Clive.
    I was travelling away from Gloucester. Traffic was busy and both lanes were quite full. A lot of us were in the fast lane passing Lorries and slower vehicles but someone from behind me and a few other drivers decided that once we had got past the slow traffic he would undertake the rest of us too.
    I was the only one from the overtaking lane wanting to come back in ready to turn off into Kingsway and just wasn’t expecting to see this car alongside me where a slow lorry once was. I am sure many people have come across this situation before. I guess this person just thought I wasn’t going fast enough. Even though I was travelling at the speed limit and indicating to make the manoeuvre.
    It was just a good job I looked in my mirror and checked to my left before moving over. Most people don’t bother because they don’t expect other road users to be there.

    Hi MSPCR,

    Mad drivers can be very annoying for sure. The only thing I’m a little confused by is:

    …"undertook me on the A38 just before I was going to indicate to get ready for the Kingsway turn off"…

    Were you travelling towards Gloucester or away from it?

    I read the link and now I see, speeders in Downend, not Emersons, yes I know there always was trouble in central Downend. I actually relocated to Emersons in 2001, when similar to Kingsway at the time, it was still under construction. I’m from East of England originally!
    Hopefully once the Highways are developed fully there will be more speed bumps along roads such as Woodvale etc. I do actually like Kingsway – the surrounding countryside, the newbuilds etc. It’s a brand new area.

    Emersons Way? The main High Street? Not where I come from! I never saw any cruisers in Sainsburys car park? Are we talking about the same area?

    Oh Poppy, what absolute tosh. I used to live on Emersons Way. The speeders only needed to slow slightly for all the speed bumps. Between them all the boy racers would drive as fast as they possibly could. And what about all the cruisers in the Sainsburys car park? So yes, you did get speeders in Emersons Green. From every post you seem to make it seems as if you don’t like Kingsway. If that’s the case, nobody is stopping you leaving, just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    😆 Crackdown on speeding drivers in Downend and nuisance vehicles in Emersons Green: (Link)

    Never got ‘speeders’ in Emersons Green, Bristol!

    It doesn’t matter where you live you always get speeders and to be fair if the car was an Audit TT, then there’s a very good chance this was NOT a teen or youngster. People really shouldn’t always assume the worst of young people…

    Oh my gosh, sounds like it could have been a teen driver. I walk across Woodvale a lot with my tot. Just hope the proposed laws on new young drivers come into place sooner rather than later!

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