KRA Public Meeting: July 25th

Friday, June 24th, 2016

The KRA will be holding it’s next public meeting on July 25th.

Past meetings have included guest speakers from Glos’ County & City Councils, QPC, QUVL, Stagecoach, Police, The Citizen and many others with connections and influence in Kingsway… Is there anybody you would like to hear from?

If you would like us to invite someone specific, please comment below (by 6PM Tuesday 28th).

Meeting venue is probably at the Kingsway Community Centre… (To be confirmed)!

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    Hi Mark,

    The current speed limit on most of that road is 70mph, although following numerous accidents there are plans to reduce it (particularly near the Kingsway junction).
    It wasn’t discussed at the KRA meeting, but it has been discussed at the latest meeting of the ‘Quedgeley/Kingsway Liaison Group’ (see our developers page for details of that group)… Those minutes are here.


    Minutes are now available from HERE.

    Mark Wilkinson
    July 23, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    Re the KRA meeting – sorry we cannot come as will be on holiday, however, if the Police attend the meeting can you ask if there is anything planned to slow down the cars/motorbikes along the A38 near Kingsway. We live right by the A38 and the motorbikes in particular speed down there well over 40 mph – why are there not cameras along this stretch of the A38 – slower traffic would make it quieter for the residents and safer! Many Thanks


    Meeting will take place in Kingsway Community Centre, Hall 2, on Mon 25 Jul starting at 7.30pm. We are still awaiting confirmation of speakers other than Kingsway Wildlife and Sustainability Group but hope to have representation from our Councillors. We hope to have an update on the release of the first batch of allotments. Re fibre optic please see previous posts to see what work has been done on this subject over many years.

    Hope to see you 25 Jul.


    Chair KRA

    Hi aston69,

    We have invited the Police to attend/present (we always do), although I’m not sure if we’ve had a response yet.
    I will let you know if I hear anything.
    I’m not aware of any particular local problems at the moment (apart from some kids causing hassle/damage) 🙁 If you’re referring to something else, please let me know and I will make sure they’re aware of it.

    We have invited some local councillors and usually get a good turnout from them (Parish, City & County).

    Hi Jaroslaw,

    Thus far none of the local authorities seem to want to get involved 🙁
    There has been much discussion on here (and some tips on how we can influence an earlier response).
    For the latest news (with links to all of the previous) take a look HERE.

    Is there any chance we can have the police commissioner / Chief constable, to pose questions about the local problems in the area and the police response? Also maybe local councillors ect?

    Hi I have a question about fibre optic. There is anything that local authorities can do to push openreach to put fibre optic into cabinet 34 ( by the waterwells school) It’s 21st century and we have very slow internet.

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