KRA Meeting: March 23rd

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

The Kingsway Residents’ Association held a public meeting on March 23rd at the Kingsway Community Centre.
The minutes are now available HERE (and via the KRA Home Page: HERE).

The meeting in brief:


Express coach service to Bristol, services to be extended to Huntsgrove, Stagecoach to launch new App’ for online ticket purchase, Bus Shelters and forthcoming alterations to the bus stop on the bend in Thatcham Avenue were discussed.


Site #1 is nearing completion. Site #2 should be ready by the end of 2016.

Kingsway Surgery/Medical Centre

Terms are agreed (as reported in local media). It will be sited near to Linda Virgoe Dance Studios. A temporary location is being sought.

Kingsway Post Boxes

The Valley Gardens post box will not be moved and aside from the new post box in Asda (Kingsway), no further post boxes will be added.


No recent changes, so Joe (Chairman) reiterated the areas of responsibility:

Issues on Bus Routes are responsibility of the City Council (there may be more speed checks).
Issues in Developers’ Areas are the responsibility of the (Kingsway) Developers (QUVL).
“Open Space Areas” are City Council responsibility.
Kingsway Community Centre, the Sports Pavilion Rupert and pitches are QPC responsibility.

Double-Yellow Lines

Will be added to the lower end of Woodvale (from the Woodvale/Thatcham roundabout to the entrance to Copeland Park), extending into both ends of Chivenor Way and the end of Holbeach Drive.

Forthcoming KRA Events

Easter-Egg Hunt (2016): March 26th.
Big Lunch 2016: June 5th.

Any Other Business

We discussed litter bins at local bus stops, local incinerator update (no new info’) and Richard Cook asked for feedback regarding local street lights not being replaced in non-adopted areas: These should be reported to individual developers, or for Rudloe Drive to QUVL.
Those in adopted areas report to Gloucester City Council.

The next (public) meeting will be held at Kingsway Community Centre on Monday July 25th.

Read the full minutes HERE.

If you have any queries or comments, please leave them below.

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