KRA AGM 2015

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

The minutes from the KRA 2015 AGM have (finally) been published.

This was a lively meeting attended by around 25 local residents and representatives from numerous local authorities and community groups and organisations, which discussed the following subjects:

Reachout! Project Update
(Est’ 2013, Reachout! aims to build relationships with youths (age 11-18) to assist/mentor young people and pre-empt antisocial behaviour issues).

Quedgeley News Update
Currently seeking volunteer distributors for “bulk drops” and for volunteers to assist with Social Media work and Debt Collection.

QUVL Update
Andy Smith is now only working for 1 day per week on Kingsway
Subjects discussed were: Allotments, street lighting, Waterwells Primary area (road junctions), adoptions, place of worship, upcoming work 2016.
Q&A covered dog bin placements, Staxton Drive road sign, local doctors surgery and bus routes.

Police Update
Discussed the Quedgeley station, force reductions and consequences (local, city and county), neighbourhood policing, local crime & ASB, lines of communication and Crime Map.
"Kingsway crime statistics have fallen over the past 12 months."
Also discussed recruitment, expected cuts and: "a consultation on the “Police & Crime” website regarding paying an extra 2% Council Tax to improve the situation" (Consultation is HERE).

Kingsway Residents’ Assocation
2015 Events: Litter Pick, Big Lunch, Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ and other activities (Monitoring issues affecting Kingsway, regular meetings with QUVL, City and County Councils. support for ReachOut!, facebook membership, Kingsway Blog 🙂 & Quedgeley Parish Council (support and membership).

KRA Finances
Opening Balance: £1954.01 – Closing Balance: £1,833.06

Cllr Barry Kirby spoke about Glos’ County Council cuts, precepts, devolution and the “County Mayor” regulations, Fire Service consultation, Post Boxes (and the Post Office’s lack of coordination/cooperation), bus-stops, “Active Together for Youth’ fund” ("There is still a little left for Kingsway/Grange, so contact BK if you need funding.") and ward boundaries.

Updating Recycle Bins, dog fouling, dogs off-lead and water volume problem (Stafford Close).

Joe Logan (KRA Chair)
Joe spoke about the QPC and all the things they do on our behalf, (noting that their budget may also be affected and many things are on hold whilst they await news on that).

Joe also talked about the Kingsway Residents’ Association (“Where do we go from here”) and stated that we will be changing our constitution at the next public meeting (away from ‘local issues’, towards ‘entertainment and local events’).

The next public meeting will be held on Wednesday March 23rd 2016.

The full minutes are available HERE.

Clive Barton (KRA Secretary)

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