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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Gloucestershire Wildlife TrustOn July 11th I went to a meeting of the Kingsway Wildlife and Sustainability Group at the Barn Owl.

Chaired by Sarah Ottaway, Municipal Recycling Manager for SUEZ (and a local resident), the meeting was well attended and included Nicola Simpson, the Urban Wildlife Team Leader for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, who said that the Wildlife Trust could provide training, support, guidance and equipment.

Sarah started the Kingsway Wildlife and Sustainability Group around December 2015 and gave a presentation at the Public meeting of the Kingsway Residents’ Association in July 2016 (See Meeting Minutes).

At this meeting, Sarah said that her ambition is to make Kingsway into an ‘Urban Nature Reserve’ by starting with a ‘Bio-Blitz’ event (over a day or a weekend, probably in April/May 2018) to assess what wildlife is in the area. The Blitz could also be repeated later, to asses our success rate. It might also include creation of a local ‘Tree Map’ (something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time)!

Hedgehog HighwayAs well as local wildlife (foxes, hedgehogs, newts, toads, barn owls, several species of bats, etc), the group discussed local green areas and which could be assigned as ‘wildlife areas’, allowing for longer grass and possibly, wildflower corridors, using seeds harvested from local areas, like Robinswood Hill.

We talked about a wide range of interesting possibilities including making ‘hedgehog highways’ (by leaving small holes in fences and even removing bricks from walls), providing nesting boxes for House Martins, setting up a local outlet to sell food and other items aimed at local wildlife sustenance, arranging for additional recycling bins sited in Kingsway, planting edible hedgerows, running sessions at local primary schools, creating ‘how to videos’, surveying the barn owls at the manor house, an ‘apple crushing event’ at the orchard (preceded by a ‘work day’ to remove thistles from the area), and asking local schoolchildren to create ‘mud-bombs’ to sew seeds for wildflower corridors.

You can learn more by visiting the groups facebook page, or you could attend their next meeting at the Barn Owl at 7pm on Tuesday 8th August.

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    Sarah also presented details of the KWSG at the KRA public meeting on 26th of July.
    Minutes are available HERE.

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