Kingsway Villagers 10th Anniversary

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Today marks 10 years from the date of the first post I made when I launched the Kingsway Villagers ‘Blog.

To date we have 758 posts (230 from me and 528 from you) and 4370 comments (1102 from me and 3268 from you); which is an average of 6.3 posts per month and 8.4 comments per day 🙂

The Kingsway blog was largely (‘though not solely of course) responsible for the formation of the Kingsway Residents’ Association, (which has just passed it’s 9th birthday and continues to help Kingsway and its residents and to shape its future).

I would like to thank all of our contributors, particularly those in the “Top 10 Authors & Contributors” lists:


(Names are linked to all their past posts)

Barry Kirby (88 posts)
Joe Logan (20 posts)
Julian Powell (15 posts)
Mark (MSPC Repairs) (13 posts)
Steve Brooks (13 posts)
Paul Barker (10 posts)
Tog (9 posts)
Paula Needham (Head Teacher at Kingsway School – 9 posts).
VGresident (9 posts)


Barry Kirby (356 comments)
Steve Brooks (235 comments)
Paul Barker (124 comments)
G Note (80 comments)
darrjeff (73 comments)
Flyerguy (64 comments)
lou lou 27 (59 comments)
KEVGEE (57 comments)
Daisily (55 comments)

By my calculations that makes 342 posts and 2165 comments contributed by our other members, which is quite an impressive collaboration.

I would also like to thank everyone (past and present) from the Residents’ Association, the councillors and staff at the Quedgeley Town Council, many of our local MP’s, our local Community Police and the QUVL for your invaluable help and support of me, this website, the KRA and the residents of Kingsway. It’s you (contributors, advisers and residents) who have made the site worthwhile and given so much help and support to Kingsway as a whole, during its early years.

Lastly thank you to my wife, neighbours and the many local friends I’ve made since moving to Kingsway (in November 2006) and since starting this Kingsway Community Website.

8 Responses to “Kingsway Villagers 10th Anniversary”

    Hi Baz,

    I’m not certain but I will find out 🙂


    Is there a way of downloading all the posts and comments into an excel or a word file? Then I would be able to datamine it to determine the issues and produce an analysis document out of it. What do you think?

    It would in essence be a 10 year review of an estate in development 🙂


    Hi Baz,

    I’m sorry for the tardy reply (very hectic time for us recently) 🙁
    Thanks very much for the kind words, your involvement and all your support 🙂
    That sounds like a great idea, but I’m not sure how to go about it!
    I’d be delighted to help achieve it though; (just tell me what you need) 🙂

    Ten years, wow and what a catalyst for good that this website has been.
    It is also a somewhat unique social diary of the trials and tribulations of a new development. We have talked a lot about “lessons learned” from the development of Kingsway and whilst promised by many, it has never been delivered or acted upon. I wonder if we could analyse the contents of this site to perhaps deliver the same idea, then we can deliver that to the council so they don’t make the same mistakes, and encourage more of the good things. What do you think Clive?

    But fundamentally , well done, what you have inspired by developing this site is very remarkable 🙂

    Thanks Ash 🙂

    The fight continues… Protesters block Javelin Park incinerator entrance (BBC Yesterday)!

    Congratulations Clive. If it hadn’t been for Kingsway Villagers, we would never have known about the incinerator threat before moving to Kingsway several years ago!

    Hi Joe 🙂 Thanks and no… I wasn’t here myself (was away in Cornwall until yesterday), so no party I’m afraid 😀

    Clive, Happy Birthday! Did I miss the party?

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