Kingsway & Quedgeley Angling News: New Tackle Shop

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Latest Angling News for Kingsway & Quedgeley, there is a New Local Tackle shop open in Quedgeley.

Continental Angling Gloucester
Unit 52 & 53
Space Business Centre
Olympus Park
Fishing shop open 10am – 5pm Monday – Saturday

Brands such as:
Spomb, Evolution Tackle, Korda, Fox, ESP, Gardner, Vardis, Solar, AvidCarp, Carp R Us, RodHutchins, Sticky baits, Spottidfin, Dynamite, Dinsmores, Ashima, Black Cat, Ridgemonkey, Gold Label Tackle, Enterprise, Bait-Tech, Nutrabait, Sonik, X line, Wovencrest Angling, Sensas, Mainline, Dam, etc etc
A Carp Fishing shop with a match fishing area.
Maggots, Dead Baits, Ground Baits, pop ups, wafters, boilies, Artificial Baits, landing nets, cradles, slingshots, head torches, throwing sticks, lights, gas, dips, carp care sprays, floats, buckets, water carriers, line, braid, feeders, cooking equipment, loose baits, bed chairs, clothing, etc

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