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Monday, April 26th, 2010

Dear Kingsway,

It is a little while since I have added news about the school, but the thread about difficulty getting a child into the school has prompted me to provide some guidance.

Kingsway Primary School admissions have shown unprecedented growth over the last 18 months as shown below:

  • September 2008  – 30 pupils on roll in one class
  • November 2008  – 108 pupils in 4 classes
  • January 2009 – 122 pupils in 6 classes
  • July 2009  – 137 pupils in 6 classes
  • September 2009 – 182 pupils on roll in 8 classes
  • April 2010 – 220 pupils on roll in 8 classes
  • September 2010 – we will be 279 pupils on roll at least and be at least 10 classes.

This has led to confusion over spaces available at the school, because at times we are full in some year groups, until sufficient admission appeals necessitate another class being opened. This then releases more places for pupils.

Gloucestershire County Council keeps our allowed admission numbers low so that we are not swamped by people who would like to attend GCC’s ‘Flagship’ school and who do not live locally. While this may appear frustrating for local parents, it is actually a helpful system and stops more distant pupils blocking out local children moving onto the estate at a later time.

At the moment, we have lots of spaces across the school for September 2010 because larger numbers in each year group are moving up the school releasing spare capacity in classes, BUT these spaces are going very very fast. If you register your interest with us for September 2010 before 1st July, myself – as Headteacher, will deal with admissions but after 1st July 2010, this control will return to GCC. Do not miss this final opportunity for spaces!

If you want a place in your local primary school then apply to us and we will do all we can to get you in.

Although there are plans for a second school on Kingsway, this is once again governed by completed house purchases and is sometime in the future. In the interim period, more and more Kingsway pupils will be referred to places in other local schools, necessitating travel and isolation from friends. The more parents who appeal to Kingsway Primary school, the more we can open up to accomodate your wishes.

Our contacts:
Tel: 01452 881800

Mrs Needham


3 Responses to “Kingsway Primary School Admissions”

    I am very sorry for all the frustrations of the Kingsway parents and I wholeheartedly agree with you! It is equally frustrating from our side too.

    The system is extremely upsetting and as a school we are trying hard to help our parents get around the ‘red tape’ so if anyone is struggling to get places at this school, do contact us directly and we will try all we can to help you. To date, very few parents have failed to get in the school eventually (they may have had to wait for a term before a slot becomes available) and this is very reassuring. This is your local school and we as a school team, will fight for it ever to remain so.

    Good news though – we have just been told that GCC has released more reception places for September 2010 so the power of the 2010 parental voice was heard. Well done!

    At the moment, the only year group that is full is Y6 so this is an excellent time to book your place with us. The more the merrier!

    As one of the 30 parents who’s child was refused a place at Kingsway School for September, despite living only "0.33 miles" away, I can only agree that yes, I did find this system frustrating.

    Surely, from the applications, GCC were fully aware of the demand for places at this school and it may have been a better idea to release spaces at this point instead of waiting for the appeal process.

    Maybe it was wrong to presume we would be offered a place at our local school, but it has been extremely difficult to try to explain to a 4 year old that it won’t be his school and he won’t be going with his friends after all.

    Not only was it our lives that were turned upside down, but the lives of the families who were refused spaces at Beech Green and Fieldcourt because they had to allocate spaces for the children who didn’t get into Kingsway.

    So what you are saying in your article is that Kingsway School is going to run out of places.

    It could mean Kingsway pupils having to travel to other schools.
    There are plans for another school.

    But why when the school was built why was it not built to take the the planned increase in pupil numbers for when all the houses are built?
    Would have been cheaper in the long run.

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