Kingsway Golf Course

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

Before this gets any golfers excited I should explain this is not about an official golf course but more about local idiots playing golf in a housing estate.

A few weeks ago I put up a “No Ball Games” sign at the bottom of the driveway leading to our home. This was taken down two or three days later by one of our more anti-social neighbours. He didn’t stop at just removing this sign he came to our door and had a full blown temper tantrum on our doorstep. He threatened to wrap this sign around my neck if I put it back up. Of course so as not to upset this stroppy person any further I have not put the sign back up.

Ironically though just a couple of weeks later we now have a smashed landing window. This was caused by one of the less intelligent members of the community who thought it would be a good idea to play a round of golf of all things in a built up area. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this could have some potential problems with houses and cars getting in the way of the ball.

There are a couple of households in Marham Drive that you can pretty much guarantee if there is damage or anti-social behaviour they will be in among this in one way or another. See the post about damage to the trees in Marham Drive (HERE). Yes these were the same people and yes, they have continued to damage trees and fencing in this area. One tree has disappeared completely leaving an empty hole surrounded by a black iron grill where it once grew. They have children as young as four calling other little girls that most-hated swear word beginning with ‘C’. That’s right people four years old and already shouting the word C*** at other children. Is this the kind of people we want living near us?

Too many people living in this area are turning a blind eye to this behaviour and shutting themselves behind their doors. If we all stand together and report this anti-social bunch to the Guinness Hermitage housing association (HERE) every time they cause a problem then this behaviour will soon go away.

I know someone else has had these feelings because a letter was circulated last year that mentioned the same sort of things. I would like to reach out to this person and if you read this please get in touch because I for one will certainly back you with this one.


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    Cheers Clive.
    Thanks for the helpful links much appreciated.
    Kind regards.
    MSPC Repairs.

    Hi MSPCR,

    Sorry to hear about this, sounds like a nightmare.

    I added links to the previous post you mentioned and also to the contact page for Guiness Hermitage (correct department), I hope you get some support.


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