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Monday, September 11th, 2017

This is an appeal for anyone that has slow broadband to speak out.

We are currently in communication with Openreach about co-founding for cabinet 34.

After, just moving in and experiencing this broadband issue we want to speak out.

Please follow our page on Facebook: HERE.

We are currently compiling a survey to send this information to Openreach; the more people who fill in their details, the quicker change will happen, so please complete the survey: HERE

Thank you.

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    I’ve ordered mine too!

    Lucky for me BT had some sort of server issue that stopped me completing my order. Found out they were ripping me off because I was still in contract (£28 more expensive per month for the same thing than talk talk and £18 per month more than a new BT customer).

    Called the number to leave (08007831401) knowing it would be cheaper to buy out of my existing contract and ended up with BT Superfast Fibre plus for £39.99

    The wait is over for cab 34 (the cabinet by Waterwells school) fibre is now available :D. I have just ordered.

    You beat me to it Dave. I drove past the cabinet yesterday saw the works and got straight on the Fastershire website to see if there was an update (I’d only checked last week and it was still ‘Planning’). It still said ‘Planning’. Decided to try the Openreach fibre checker with my own address and post code and it came back ‘In build’!!!!! 😆

    A little tip here: Apparently BT often installs infinity cabinets that don’t have enough capacity for the potential number of connections. I have a cousin who has been through all of this at Coopers Edge and some people couldn’t get fibre even after the cab was eventually installed for that reason. He reckons it’s first come first served and it took around 6 weeks for Fibre to become available to order after the cabinet was installed (not 5 months like it says on the checker for our cab at the moment). Once it is finished I’m going to check or try to order once a week :mrgreen:

    The cabinet 34 is now been upgraded. Not long to wait now 😀

    If you check the following link: (works better in google chrome), you will see that they are at the build phase therefore fingers crossed we should get fibre in cab 34 before or around February time next year.:)

    didn’t get a useful response from the previous conversations with BT / fastershire.

    tried again here’s the latest non-committal answer.

    Thank you for contacting Fastershire.

    The project does plan to conduct another review of our address data at some point this year or in the new year, but no
    date has been agreed.

    However, your cabinet, Hardwicke 34 is currently in plan for our Stage 3 BT rollout, delivered by BT so your property is
    likely to benefit for this rollout regardless of whether or not your address is currently recognise in our address data.

    Interesting when you look at the fastershire page with the postcode recommended by Matt states phase 2 not phase 3. So i guess we’re still waiting.

    I am told that if enough of us fill out the details for Virgin Medias cable my street then that will kick them into acting… Cabinet 34 is currently in the Site Survey stage and it should be between 9-12 months before they start accepting orders… that is if they even proceed with the build stage after the suvey.

    No news as of yet. Have submitted a ticket to fastershire will let you all know the response

    Hi All lovely Kingsway people. I have my fingers crossed I hope we get our fibre stuff sorted soon :).

    Thanks for the update matt. Ill keep an eye on that postcode and have set a note for may to check mine. Fingers crossed for everyone else in the same situation that we all get this sorted out soon.

    The areas connected to cabinet 34 prior to 2015 have been caught in the Fastershire phase two rollout and will be done by BT. They don’t show in the normal fibre checkers yet because it is in pre-planning but it does show up in the fastershire website (so long as you don’t enter one of the houses that randomly already have ultra fast broadband).

    The newer areas don’t show at all and Fastershire explained that is because they select areas by OS data and not cabinets. The last OS update was in 2015 and there will be another this May. If for whatever reason (like BT do fibre to premises) the newer areas are missed out they will be considered for rollout at a later date. Fastershire told it is likely they will do fibre to cabinet in which case everyone on Cab 34 will likely be included anyway.

    If you want to see for yourself I suggest sticking GL2 2FX in the Fastershire checker where you will see the contract has recently been awarded to BT and is in early planning.

    AT LAST!!

    Rather than opening yet another topic on here I thought I’d reply to this thread.

    After seeing the message on here I’ve also had a chat with rural broadband as they seem the only likely way of getting over the 3mb speed we have now. (I keep annoying Openreach or my ISP every now and then), but the consensus from them is they just need the numbers.

    I tend to keep to myself in the community so I’m not sure how we can get the number of users required but are people interested? Is there anything else we haven’t considered as a funding with Openreach appears to also be a non-starter?

    Nice one and good news, thanks Martin 🙂

    Martin McDowell
    January 16, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    I’ve checked the Openreach page following the comments on this thread. It confirms (with a bit of changing around what street you are looking at) that they are in the initial stages of fibre to premises feasibility for some streets served by Cabinet 34. That basically means that the cabinet will not be getting upgraded – fibre to premises bypasses that – but does mean that as it gets rolled out, people should get a decent fast fibre connection.


    Had a call with Simon from Rural Broadband.       [Editors Note: See this post/conversation].
    These people are currently setting up a super fast internet in Stone, Gloucestershire and their next project is in Woodford. Details are available on their facebook page.
    For the next project if there are at least 70 people interested, they can start a project in Kingsway.
    They offer 100Mb/s download and 100Mb/s upload at a cost of £43 per month. This speed can go upto 500Mb/s.
    He also said, earlier Dave from Kingsway has contacted him.

    I assume this is the easiest way to get faster speeds.
    They would install a device at home similar to a satellite dish to receive the radio waves.
    If there are more than 70 people interested, we can go and talk to them and get it done soon.

    Thank you.

    According to

    Under Review
    You are connected to cabinet number 34 on the Hardwicke exchange.
    We’re in your area but we’re still assessing whether or not we can upgrade your cabinet. This means you can’t order Fibre yet.

    And according to:
    We’re working with government and industry to explore ways to bring Superfast fibre to as many people as possible but don’t have a plan for your area yet.
    You might consider co-funding fibre access in your community. Knowing there’s a healthy demand in your area can also really help.

    Exchange name: Hardwicke
    Exchange status: Fibre enabled
    Cabinet number: 34
    Technology: –

    We are nowhere near getting this service. Getting Fibre to the home is pretty much unlikely at the moment as from what I learnt recently from some BT engineers is that there is no provision for fibre to even come to cabinet 34.

    Hello Aston69,
    Would they be laying fibre to all the areas/postcodes of Kingsway or only specific areas?

    Update: Following letters to Openreach and our MP we may now be getting sorted.
    Openreach have started down Boulmer Ave’ this week working to get the network ready. On speaking to them they have started laying out the ropes ready to lay Fibre straight to the houses. This means that instead of having it into the cabinet. It will go straight to the houses so as they have said should mean superfast Fibre up to a possible 300mb. They are hoping to have all sorted within the next month. I have requested the MP’s office to check on this work. So fingers crossed it should all get done soon.

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for posting this.
    It’s an issue which has affected many local residents and prompted many previous posts on the subject, as follows:

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