Kingsway Doctor’s Surgery: Planning Permission Granted

Monday, May 15th, 2017

According to a recent press release from local MP Richard Graham entitled “MP says all of Quedgeley to benefit from new Kingsway GP surgery”, on April 25th 2017, planning permission was granted for the new GP Surgery in Kingsway, which “will take around 12 months to complete”.

Located off Rudloe Drive, the surgery will be run by local company Rosebank Health, who currently operate Rosebank Surgery (Stroud Road) and Severnvale Surgery (Quedgeley), with 7 GP Partners and 65 clinical and support staff. Patients registered with Rosebank Health can be seen at Rosebank Surgery, Severnvale Surgery and (soon) Kingsway Surgery.

Property adviser GVA are providing architectural services, site purchase and planning, to “assist Rosebank with delivery of the development”, which will include 10 consulting rooms and 4 rooms for “treatment and minor operations”, alongside training and meeting rooms.

Rosebank Practice Manager Mr Wyndham Parry said this will “facilitate education and shared learning”. He also said “these facilities will also allow other health and social care professionals and specialists to provide services for the local people”, and “it will be very closely linked to the existing Rosebank Health Surgeries to ensure the right support and services are in place”.

Rosebank Senior Partner Dr. Jon Unwin, said “We look forward to all our patients, both old and new, benefiting from this new development.”

The CCG has already approved the development and provided the required funding.

Editors Note: A public consultation was held at Kingsway Sports Pavilion on May 24th, 2016: See THIS POST for details.

One Response to “Kingsway Doctor’s Surgery: Planning Permission Granted”

    A viewer from Tuffley told me that when she asked Richard Graham about the doctors surgery recently, he said:
    “The first spade will start digging next month and it will be finished by summer 2018, and it is going to be big.

    Let’s hope it is, and let’s hope it’s soon… and that they have enough doctors to fill it!
    In a recent letter St James Family Doctors who run the Severnvale Surgery in Quedgeley, said:

    Starting in early May 2017 many of you will be helped to identify the best available appointment for you
    using telephone triage by one of our qualified Nurse Practitioners. The best available appointment may be,
    as appropriate, with a clinician who could be a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health Nurse,
    Pharmacist, Practice Nurse, or Paramedic.

    Sounds reasonable enough, (although my wife tells me they have a much ‘stronger’ message on the wall/notice board in the reception area)!

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