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Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

I read the following in an email from Joe Logan (Kingsway Residents Association Chairman) today, (taken from Cllr Fred Wood’s Facebook page, I hope he doesn’t mind):

The awaited Kingsway Community Centre moves a step closer following the green light to proceed given by Gloucester City Council.
A complication was the need to revise the Unilateral Undertaking following earlier changes to some of the schemes originally planned for Kingsway which were necessary to meet local wishes – for example a BMX track rather than a Bowling Green.

Everything is now in order and I am pleased that QUVL are now planning to re-tender the contact with the aim of building the Community Centre and other planned facilities without unnecessary delay.

I welcome this good news and look forward to seeing Kingsway getting its Community Centre and also the planned Sports Pavilion and BMX track.

It is not all over yet and I will press on for process during my regular discussions with QUVL and through the Kingsway Development Group.

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    Thanks Clive, that’s all I was looking for.

    Yeah I realise it’s not what you were looking for, but I couldn’t find the results online; I knew they were divulged/discussed at the meeting, but the minutes only recorded the end result! Thankfully Fred has now provided the link for you. (Thanks Fred)! 😀

    I posted before adding the council link which is below. Since the consultation concluded, there has been considerable local media coverage of the outcome.


    Consultation on Facilities at Kingsway Open Space

    The consultation was carried out between February and April (closed 10th April).

    We had a very positive return with more than 500 questionnaires completed. We distributed paper copies to 1700 houses and 433 of the 521 responses were on paper, the remaining 88 being online. The response rate was therefore between 25 & 30%.

    The results are as follows –

    Option Votes
    Bowling green 99 (19.2%)
    Multi use games area 95 (18.4%)
    Outdoor gym / fitness area 141 (27.7%)
    BMX track 180 (34.8%)

    Thanks, Clive, but that’s just a link to the KRA minutes that give a blank statement – “People have voted for a BMX track.”

    Any link to the actual voting figures ? I can’t see the point of having us all vote if nobody is going to release the final figures. Otherwise it’s a bit like having a by-election and all the voters being told, “The Monster Raving Loony Party won” and we all go, “Ah okay” and that’s that !

    I thought democracy was more transparent.

    Hi VGR,

    I too didn’t vote for the BMX track, but I know for a fact that it was us who broached the subject of exploring other options, not the developers, they were intending to build the Bowling Green (as promised) until we asked about other options.

    I hunted out previous references to the subject and found these:

    Sports Facilities in Kingsway (12/10): Barry Kirby first broached the subject.

    Bowling Green Consultation (03/12): I posted about the consultation.

    KRA Public Meeting Minutes (07/12): The result was divulged at the RA Public Meeting (see Para 2, point 2).

    I hope this helps.


    Let me assure you that I most certainly WAS one of the “several hundred” who replied and in case you’re wondering, no I didn’t vote for a BMX track, which explains why I asked what the results were. I don’t recall seeing the final figures of the voting exercise published. Were they and did I miss them? It’s entirely possible I did, but until someone points out where they can be found, I’m still in the dark. You say that “Kingsway chose a BMX track”, but without the published figures we’ve only got your word and that of the developers to go by.

    This situation appears to be one more in a series of the developers promising people one thing in order to sell houses, then changing their minds at a later date, usually to save money. Yes, we’re all looking forward to seeing ANY facilities come on stream, as we were all promised SIX YEARS AGO when they started to build the “village”.

    I am not sure if VGresident was one of the several hundred Kingsway residents who responded to the Kingsway Open Space consultation exercise last year which overwelming choose the BMX option but let me reassure him this was no paper exercise. Residents will recall the free post questionaires showing the options, dropping through letterboxes last spring. The four options, Bowling Green, Multi User Games Area, Outdoor Gym and BMX Track were settled after many discussions with councillors, KRA and developers following a perception that the original plan for a Bowling Green may no longer be the best offer. These options were also outlined at the KRA public meeting in March last year. It was the right thing to do and Kingsway chose a BMX track. Latest information is that construction work for this package, Community Centre, Sports Pavilion and BMX track will start late Spring. I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing these facilities come on stream.

    “…local wishes…”

    Were any official figures ever published saying how many or what proportion of Kingsway residents had voted for which of the options put to us? Or was this another paper exercise with the decision already having been taken to build a BMX track (presumably because it’s the cheapest option – just a few mounds of dirt as opposed to a proper sports pitch or a manicured bowling green)?

    Forgive my cynicism, but going on past experience…

    Clive, I am happy for you to republish anything I add about Kingsway on my FB page. We hope to have more on timescales and progress once the Kingsway Development Group meets on Thursday.

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